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The Museum is moving its historical collections and institutional records to a new collections and conservation center. There may be disruptions in access to some collections from August 2016 until May 2017 as we pack and move to the new building. Details:

  • Materials that have been digitized, including almost all historical photographs, archival film, and oral histories will be accessible online. Published materials and archival collections on microform will be accessible through normal procedures.
  • Access to paper documents will be affected by the move but we are working to minimize disruption. Catalog records will be updated to reflect changes in accessibility.
  • Three dimensional objects will not be accessible, but many catalog records contain photographs.
  • Institutional records will not be accessible.
  • If you have questions, please contact the Reference Desk by clicking this link.

Collections Search is the primary method for searching and discovering the Collections of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, effective, and convenient access to our collection catalogs. Collections Search currently includes 258,444 records.

At the top of each page are links to help with general use, to submit questions to research staff, and to provide feedback on Collections Search or items found within.