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Oral history interview with Gerda Weissmann Klein

Some video files begin with 10-60 seconds of color bars.

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Oral History
Interview Summary:
Gerda Weissmann Klein, born on May 8, 1924 in Bielsko, Poland, describes her family and childhood; her memories of German bombings and shellings over her town; being forced to fly the Nazi flag over her home; her father and brother having to register for transports; knitting and embroidering with her mother to earn a living; learning to read and write in German from her father; her brother’s deportation and losing contact with him; moving into the ghetto in 1940; being sent to a transit camp on June 29, 1942 until she was transferred to Bolkenhain, where she had to tie knots and weave; her transfers to Mazdorf and Landeshut and receiving letters from her uncle who lived in Turkey and was trying to help her; her transfer to Gruenberg to continue her work as a weaver and working with threads of clothing from Auschwitz; being forced on a death march beginning January 29, 1945 and surviving the cold weather with her ski boots that she had been able to save since she had left her home; her liberation in the spring of 1945 and later marrying the man who liberated her; and immigrating to the United States on August 30, 1946.
1990 October 11  (interview)
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2 videocasettes (Betacam SP) : sound, color ; 1/2 in..
Linda Kuzmack, on behalf of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Oral History Branch, conducted the oral history interview with Gerda Weissmann Klein on October 11, 1990.
Gerda W. Klein
Linda G. Kuzmack
video recording
Oral histories.
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