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Oral history interview with Kurt Klein

Some video files begin with 10-60 seconds of color bars.

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Oral History
Interview Summary:
Kurt Klein discusses the political situation in Germany during the early 1930s and how Jews did not take the Nazi rise to power seriously; his thoughts on why the Nazi party gained power so easily; the persecutions suffered by Jews and the boycott against Jewish businesses in the early 1930s; his withdrawal from school and his apprenticeship in the printing business; his immigration to the United States in 1937; how he learned of Kristallnacht events through newspaper reports in the United States; his service with the Fifth US Infantry Division of the Third Army during World War II and his assistance to Jewish women abandoned by their German guards in a factory building in Volary, Czechoslovakia; his first meeting with his future wife, Gerda Weissmann Klein, in the factory and the development of their relationship after World War II; and his participation in the interrogation of Erich Kempka, a former chauffeur for Adolf Hitler.
1992 March 13  (interview)
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1 film reel : color ; 16 mm.
2 sound tape reels : analog, mono ; 7 in..
1 videocassette (D2) : sound, color ; 3/4 in..
Sandra Bradley, a film production consultant for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, conducted the interview with Kurt Klein on March 13, 1992, in Scottsdale, Ariz., in preparation for the making of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum exhibition film, "Testimony." The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Oral History branch received the films and tapes of the interview in August 1994. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archives received the films and tapes of the interview via transfer from the Oral History branch in February 1995.
Kurt Klein
Sandra Bradley
video recording
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