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Oral history interview with Abraham Bergman

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Oral History
Interview Summary:
Abraham Bergman, born June 15, 1924, in Krasnik, Poland, describes his prewar life in Lublin; his experiences with violent antisemitism; the German occupation of his town; his work at menial jobs assigned by the Judenrat; the first deportations in 1941; how, by September 1942, the town was “Jedenrein,” cleansed of Jews; the “Judenkarde,” the legal document which allowed Jews to remain; his transport to Budzyn labor camp where Ukrainians and SS were guards; his forced labor for the German company Henklewerk; and his transport to Majdenek in 1944 where he became the foreman of a group of shoemakers.
1992 March 01  (interview)
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2 sound cassettes ; 90 min..
Anthony Young, of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum ID Card Project, conducted the interview with Abraham Bergman in Brooklyn, NY, on March 1, 1992.
sound recording
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