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The teaching staff of the Transition Upper school on Kinchow Road in Shanghai.

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The teaching staff of the Transition Upper school on Kinchow Road in Shanghai.

Pictured from left to right are bottom row: ?, Ms. Hanin, ?, Mrs. Hartwich (school principal), ?, Mrs. Lebrun, Mrs. Plohn (kindergarten teacher); middle row: Mr. Epstein, Ms. Sussman (school secretary), Ms. Oystragh, Ms. Brussels, ?, Ms. Manassee (kindergarten teacher), Mr. Albert Wesel (Hebrew teacher); top row: Mr. Scherman (art teacher), Mr. Plaschke, Leo Meyer (gym teacher), Dr. Solomon (school physician), Mr. Erdstein (dance teacher).
Hannah M. Weill (born Hannelore Mansbacher) is the daughter of Julius and Kaethe Mansbacher. She was born on June 27, 1930 in Berlin, Germany whee her parents owned a small grocery store. The Mansbachers lived in Berlin until shortly after their business was destroyed and their home looted during Kristallnacht. The family then made all attempts to emigrate, finally securing exit visas and passage to Shanghai in April 1939. Upon their arrival in June of 1939, the Mansbachers were sent to Kinchow, one of five refugee camps situated in factory buildings in Shanghai. Their living conditions were poor, but they received regular meals in a central kitchen, and clothing from a central depot. Hannah attended the Kadoorie school for Jewish refugee children, where her parents eventually secured employment as janitors. After completing high school Hannah was able to supplement the family's income by obtaining work as a secretary. After the Japanese surrender, the Mansbachers remained in Shanghai for another two years. In 1947 they emigrated to the United States aboard the SS General Meiggs. Hannah married in 1953 and settled in San Diego.
1941 - 1942
Shanghai, [Kiangsu] China
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United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Copyright: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Provenance: Hannah (Mansbacher) Weill
Source Record ID: Collections: 2006.253
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United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Hannah (Mansbacher) Weill
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