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TABEL NOMINAL NO.1 De tiganii din categoria II-a a ordinului I.G.J.No.34.050/942 /nenomazi/ condamnati, pungasi, borfasi etc. care desi stabili, sunt dubiosi, traind numai din furturi si jafuri, nemobilizabili, intocmit conf.ord.telegrafic cifrat No. 28 din 25 Iulie 1942 al I.G.J

Names Source | Names Source: 24893
Other Title
Table of names No. 1 Gypsies from category 2-a by order of the Inspector General of the Gendarmerie No. 34.050/942 /non nomadic/ convicts, rogues, thieves, etc. who although are stable, are dubious, making a living only from thefts and robberies, non mobilized, prepared in accordance with Order No. 28 from 25 July 1942 from the Inspector General of the Gendarme
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Event Date
25 Jul 1942
Generating Agency
Comandantul Legiunei Jandarmi Valcea
Male and Female
Persecution Status
Criminal targets
Current Location
Benești, Romania
Giulești, Romania
Câineni, Romania
Brezoi, Romania
Cârstănești, Romania
Lăpușata, Romania
Dejoi, Romania
Cermegești, Romania
Armășești, Romania
Dăești, Romania
Muerestile, Romania
Surpatele, Romania
Olănești, Romania
Cheia, Romania
Băbeni, Romania
Grădiștea, Romania
Colțești, Romania
Voicești, Romania
Zlătărei, Romania
Ștefănești, Romania
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Number of Persons (Exact)
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