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Haim B. Holocaust testimony (HVT-1820) interviewed by Raphael Rozner and Marta Goldberg,

Oral History | Fortunoff Collection ID: HVT-1820

Videotape testimony of Haim B., who was born in approximately 1923, one of five children. Mr. B. recounts his family's affluence; living in Vilnius; visiting his grandfather in Valozhyn; participating in Hashomer Hadati; Soviet invasion; brief Lithuanian independence, followed by Soviet reoccupation; attending university; his father's arrest for “illegal trading”; helping secure his release; managing his father's factory in Kaunas; German invasion; one sister's death in a bombing; anti-Jewish restrictions; thousands of Jews disappearing; learning they were killed at Paneriai; reporting for daily forced labor; organization of the Judenrat; ghettoization; escaping with his brother and aunt from a round-up by Lithuanian collaborators; their former non-Jewish maid bringing them food; forced labor collecting valuables from apartments of Jews killed or deported; hiding during round-ups; observing a German sadistically killing an infant, resulting in his fear of holding an infant to this day; his father bribing a Jewish policeman to release his grandmother from a round-up; public hangings; working in a warehouse; trading goods for food for his family; observing Soviet prisoners of war who were in worse condition than the Jews; continuing to study Torah with a rabbi; working for the Judenrat; his grandmother's deportation; joining a cell of the Fareyniḳṭe parṭizaner organizatsye (FPO), a Jewish resistance group; attending theater performances and cafes to forget what was happening around him; obtaining a pistol so he could escape and join partisans outside the ghetto; his father joining a group building a bunker; and joining partisans outside the ghetto in September 1943. Mr. B. discusses Jacob Gens' role in the ghetto; Joseph Glazman's leadership of the FPO while on the Judenrat; and only he and one sister surviving.

B., Haim, 1923?-
Ramat Aviv, Israel : Beth Hatefutsoth, Nahum Goldman Museum of the Jewish Diaspora, 1986-1987
Interview Date
June 30, 1986, September 3, 1986, September 16, 1986, February 26, 1987, March 26, 1987, May 26, 1987, and June 25, 1987.
Soviet Union
Valozhyn (Belarus)
Vilnius (Lithuania)
Kaunas (Lithuania)
4 copies: 3/4 in. dub; Betacam SP restoration master; Betacam SP restoration submaster; and 1/2 in. VHS with time coding.
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Haim B. Holocaust Testimony (HVT-1820). Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies, Yale University Library.