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Judith K. Holocaust testimony (HVT-4161)

Oral History | Fortunoff Collection ID: HVT-4161

Videotape testimony of Judith K., who was born in Nitra, Czechoslovakia in 1929, the first of two sisters. She recounts her childhood in Nové Zámky; attending a Jewish school; participating in Hashomer Hatzair; Hungarian occupation in 1938; attending a Catholic high school due to the Jewish quota in public schools; learning their relatives in Nitra were being deported; her father bringing his mother and cousins from Nitra to their home; his draft for one month of forced labor in 1943; German invasion in March 1944; anti-Jewish restrictions; abuse from Arrow Cross members; hiding their valuables with a non-Jewish worker and her teacher (both returned them after the war); her father's draft into a Hungarian slave labor battalion; an uncle having her, her mother, sister, grandmother, and cousins smuggled to Nitra; her father's return; hiding during round-ups by Hlinka guard, then in a village with a non-Jewish woman; discovery by Germans; deportation to Sered, then Bergen-Belsen; cruel Polish kapos; her mother glimpsing her father once; her mother and sister having typhus; becoming sick; liberation by British troops; hospitalization; transfer to the Bergen-Belsen displaced persons camp; repatriation to Nitra via Prague and Bratislava; reunion with surviving relatives; learning her father had not survived; moving by herself in September 1945 to a Makabi ha-tsaʻir training farm in Bratislava, preparing to emigrate to Palestine; being taken with her group in April 1946 to Vienna, Enns, then Ainring displaced persons camp; being sent back to Nitra when she became very ill; rejoining her group in Belgium; boarding an illegal ship to Palestine in Sète in April 1947; interdiction by the British; incarceration on Cyprus; marriage; her son's birth; arrival in Israel in January 1949; and her mother and sister emigrating to Israel. Ms. K. shows childhood photographs.

K., Judith, 1929-
Tel Aviv, Israel : Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies, 1999, 2000
Interview Date
December 16, 1999 and January 6, 2000.
Nitra (Slovakia)
Nové Zámky (Slovakia)
Prague (Czech Republic)
Bratislava (Slovakia)
Vienna (Austria)
Enns (Austria)
Sète (France)
2 copies: Betacam SP master; and 1/2 in. VHS with time coding.
Cite As
Judith K. Holocaust Testimony (HVT-4161). Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies, Yale University Library.