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Jewish Infantry Brigade of the British 8th Army

Film | Accession Number: 1992.254.1 | RG Number: RG-60.0678 | Film ID: 312

Jewish Infantry Brigade of the British 8th Army, Faenza Area, Italy, 27-29 March 1945. Slate reads: "CM Tischler, Jewish Infantry Brigade, 3/28/45, R2." 02:00:29 CU of door of back of truck labeled COMD 81, MS of door and steps up to it and two members of brigade standing next to table looking at papers as door opens and two officers come out each with board in hand. All go to table and look over the boards. 02:01:14 Low angle reverse looking up at British Brigadier General Ernest Benjamin as he smokes and looks at board. Camera pans left so he is center frame. CU of General Benjamin on whose shoulder can clearly be seen Star of David patch. MS as General points to places on what is probably a map. 02:01:49 LS High rugged mountain in BG as jeep moves left to right along road and winds up hill toward camera. Three occupants get out with their board maps. One is General Benjamin. LS as they look out over rugged valley terrain and town down below. CU two shots of Benjamin and another pipesmoking officer as they discuss map positions. CU Benjamin and shoulder patches. 02:03:08 MLS as men prepare to fire camoflauged artillery battery. Battery fired then MCU as they prepare and fire again. 02:03:40 CU as soldier decorates shell with Star of David and the gun crew loads and fires it. CU sighting target and order to fire. Slate reads in Hebrew and in English: "March 24, R1." 02:04:55 LS Convoy of motorcycles and halftracks move along mountain road along olive grove. MLS same convoy passing roadside house. CU of truck with long artillery barrel sticking out above cab of truck, several more pass, then trucks carrying soldiers, men waving at camera. 02:06:28 MLS of line of trucks coming up road to camera, again men waving from truck and flashing "V" for victory. MCU of Stars of David on truck bumpers, men wave. LS trucks move away from camera. 02:07:50 LS sentry standing at base of flagpole next to deserted road, MS of sentry, MCU of sentry then pan up flagpole to banner. It is a Star of David. CU of sign, Star of David, "MAIN" 81 and an arrow pointing left. Another Star of David 42, CU of Star of David bolted to metal. Slate reads: "March 23, 1945, R3." 02:08:49 LS two soldiers of Jewish Brigade walk down row labelled Plot 4 Jewish Burials, past grave sites each with marker with Star of David on top. MS as they stop at one site, in BG marker in ground labeled "Jewish." CU of faces of two soldiers. CU of Star of David marker of "Zilberberg, M." Hebrew lettering above. Below "Jewish BN Palestine Regiment, 20 March, 1945, killed in action."

Event:  March 27-29, 1945
Production:  1945
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:40
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