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Germans in Occupied Ukraine

Film | Accession Number: 1992.252.1 | RG Number: RG-60.0653 | Film ID: 305

Footage shot by a German cameraman during Germany's occupation of Ukraine in World War II. Footage with German photographers traveling through the Ukraine photographing cities, villages, and collective farms. The most extensive footage is taken with a female photographer from her trip to Ukraine in the summer of 1943. She traveled by plane and car from southern Ukraine (the Melitopol region) just north of Crimea, then along the Dnepr River northward over Dnepropetrovsk to Kiev and then due west to Rovno and then the border of General Government.

Reel 10, Agricultural labor. 06:25:15 Woman photographer in midst of plants in field. 06:25:46 Construction site, MS women packing mud into building frame, people working on roof beams, CU bricklayer. 06:26:10 LS long barges on river and small canoe type boats which ferry supplies. 06:26:53 MLS line of men walking toward camera each carrying a crate of fruit, which is then loaded into the hold of a boat. 06:27:21 MS two women using seesaw pump. 06:27:36 MS vats of vegetables in water, LS many crates of cherries; MS of women picking thru crates. MS man lifts basket of potatoes. 06:28:10 LS pan of threshing workstation, horses lying down in FG, piles of hay, CU of horses. LS and MS people pouring wheat grains in mechanized machine. Great pile of hay pulled to top of hill of hay; large agricultural machinery at use, with wind blowing wheat-dust, making the long view hazy. 06:29:55 German officer talking to local man. Men making repairs to harvesting equipment. CU of man's face. 06:30:22 Woman stomping mud "cement". 06:30:38 Men doing surveying work. 06:31:01 MS herd of horned, white oxen herded down road toward camera. 06:31:27 LS and MS carts pulled by horses carrying boulders accompanied by militiaman on horseback. Boy riding horse thru wheat field, CU of wheat filling the frame. 06:32:18 MS Men and boys kneeling and placing rocks and stones against each other. MS women dumping rocks for men to work with. 06:32:34 MCU of sign and car of Reichskommissariat Ukraine official, "Kreislandwirt Gradishsk", Kremechug region. Oxen and cows are herded down road. 06:32:55 Men and women use pickaxes and shovels to break up the ground, supervised by soldier in uniform. MS and LS of line of people mostly women picking something in field, pan of women standing together in field. 06:33:40 MLS Officer with swastika armbands (perhaps locals) measuring off distance with compass-like rod. CU two officers discuss the markings. 06:33:54 Pan past pile of metal rubble, MS stack of ammo shells in FG as cart with large log sections goes by in BG.

Film Title
Event:  1943
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:57
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