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Goering, Hess, others at Nuremberg War Crimes Trial

Film | Accession Number: 1990.492.1 | RG Number: RG-60.0006 | Film ID: 2

War Crimes Trials, Nuremberg, Germany, May 1946. 02:16:05 CUs, Hermann Goering. Goering looks directly at camera, then away; blinking; speaks to man to his left (off camera) calmly; inattentively grins; smiles as if there was a joke. 02:16:24 CUs, Hess. Stares at the camera, then downward; grim expression. 02:17:03 CU, Goering nervously tugging at scarf tied beneath collar of uniform. 02:17:28 CU, Goering resting his chin on his hand. 02:18:00 CU, Hess stroking his face with his hand. He is looking downward, pulls at his lip, rubs face, squashes cheek, picks at his cheek. 02:19:10 CU, Wilhelm Keitel, stoic. 02:19:45 CU, Hess listening on one earphone. 02:20:36 CU, Keitel rubbing his eyes and nose; putting on earphones. 02:21:14 CU, Rosenberg biting his nails. 02:21:34 CU, Wilhelm Frick. 02:21:42 CU, Admiral Erich Raeder. 02:21:52 CU, Franz Von Papen dozing. 02:22:04 CU, Joachim von Ribbentrop nervously playing with his tie; pulls his sunglasses over his eyes. 02:22:20 CU, Fritz Sauckel. 02:23:06 CU, Alfred Rosenberg stroking his hair, fidgeting, wiping eyes, rubbing face, head in hand. 02:23:38 CU, Alfred Jodl, yawns and strokes his mouth. 02:24:04 CU, Albert Speer. 02:24:09 CU, Walther Funk. 02:24:25 CU, Joachim Von Ribbentrop. 02:24:40 CU, Keitel.

Event:  1946 May
Production:  1946 May
Nuremberg, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:50
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