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Greenland freed of Nazis; Warsaw Ghetto after uprising

Film | Accession Number: 2001.358.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3036 | Film ID: 2393

Universal Newsreel, Vol. 18, No. 359, Parts 1 and 3. Release date, 12/27/1944.
Part 1 (13:00:40-13:03:00): According to UN Official Motion Picture Release: "Greenland Freed of Nazis" Nazi weather and radio stations in Greenland are located and destroyed by the US Coast Guard who dynamites its way through the Arctic ice fields to reach the enemy. Sleek German trawlers are destroyed or captured, and the Nazis are driven from their North Atlantic observation points.

Part 3 (13:04:00-13:05:39): "The War in Poland" Review of German occupation of Poland (mostly if not all Warsaw). Footage of Warsaw after the Polish uprising, which began in August 1944. Narrator states that the footage was smuggled from the Polish underground to the Polish government in exile in London. Wide, open, mostly empty boulevards. Various LS of buildings, some facades destroyed. Tanks going down streets. CU over wooden planks, dead horses on street, men cutting at them, skeletons/ribs of horses. Nazis from inside train/through window, signing "armistice with Nazis." Poles signed. German infantry walk down street. Man "going underground" climbing through trap door. CU of printing press (still working) and newspapers produced clandestinely by the Polish resistance. Pan of newspaper reporting about the atrocity in Lublin. LS bombed out building. LS rubble. Narrator identifies the remains of the Warsaw ghetto [destroyed in 1943 uprising,historically distinct from 1944 Polish uprising]. MCU Polish man in long coat and hat leaves a wall (after having painted a "symbol of resistance"). Sabotaged train car; bridge; banner; Hitler hung in effigy from streetlamp: signs of Polish resistance to German occupation. According to UN Official Motion Picture Release: "World War II opens in Poland as the Panzer divisions strike Warsaw and burn large portions of it. Peace is signed in a railway coach and starving Poles eat every shred of meat from the carcasses of horses. The Poles go underground. They publish 110 newspapers, commit continuous sabotage, daub the city with signs of deviance and hang Hitler in effigy. In 1944 they arise prematurely and are smitten down. Their ghetto is completely destroyed." This is misleading because, again, the Warsaw ghetto uprising of 1943 and the Polish uprising of 1944 are two completely seperate events.

Other parts of the newsreel include:
13:03:00 2: "Yanks Shell Kehl"
13:05:39 4: "Ambassador Bonnet"
13:06:05 5: "Guard Demobilized"
13:06:50 6: "Texas Amazons"
ends at 13:08:06

Event:  12/27/1944
Warsaw, Poland
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:49:06
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