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War Crimes Trials: RuSHA Case; Justice Case Sentencing

Film | Accession Number: 2001.358.1 | RG Number: RG-60.2986 | Film ID: 2383

02:08:05 (Munich 646) War Crimes Trials - Subsequent Trial Proceedings, Case 8 (RuSHA Case), Nuremberg, Germany, October 30, 1947. MSs, 18 year old witness Marie Dolezalova, who lived in Lidice, Czechoslovakia, tells how she was taken and treated by the Germans after the town was destroyed. She claims she was told to only speak German and to be for Germany. Pan from RuSHA chart to Ms. Dolezalova. Rear view of prosecutor as he questions. CU, Judge Daniel O'Connell, Tribunal #1, listening to the proceedings. The 16 year old witness Ryzenz Petrakova takes the stand. She is sworn in and tells of her experiences with the Germans who kidnapped her. The German Army organization RuSHA, who she is testifying against, was Hitler's setup to kidnap "good blood" from small countries for Germany. SLATE reads: Camera: Stirk; Sound: Potratz; "Child witnesses Rusha Case #8."

02:13:19 (Munich 657) War Crimes Trials - Subsequent Trial Proceedings, Case 3 (Justice Case), Nuremberg, Germany, December 4, 1947. Note: This is the case against German judges who are tried by the IMT for their participation in dealing out false justice in the German courts. Each of the defendants appear in the dock while they are sentenced: Herbert Klemm, Curt Ferdinand Rothenberger, Ernst Lautz, Wolfgang Mettgenberg, Wilhelm von Ammon, and Gunther Joel. Sentences: Curt Rothenburger - 7 years in prison; Ernest Lautz - 10 years in prison; Wolfgang Mettgenberg - 10 years. Crowds, pan to Wolfgang Metkenberg. Side shot; 3 judges at bench. Wilhelm von Ammon - 10 years; Gunther Joel -10 years; Oswald Rotha - life imprisonment; Rudolf Esche - Not shown. Courtroom scene. Josef Oufstedter - five years. Cut-in of Judge James T. Brand passing the sentence. Shots of defendants: Oswald Rothaug, Rudolf Oeschey, and Josef Altstoetter. Brig. Gen. Telford Taylor, Chief prosecutor, speaking to people after adjournment of the court. CU, German defense attorney conversing with several colleagues.

Event:  October 30-December 4, 1947
Nuremberg, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:49:56
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