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Germans in occupied Ukraine

Film | Accession Number: 1992.252.1 | RG Number: RG-60.0651 | Film ID: 305

Footage shot by a German cameraman during Germany's occupation of Ukraine in World War II. Footage with German photographers traveling through the Ukraine photographing cities, villages, and collective farms. The most extensive footage is taken with a female photographer from her trip to Ukraine in the summer of 1943. She traveled by plane and car from southern Ukraine (the Melitopol region) just north of Crimea, then along the Dnepr River northward over Dnepropetrovsk to Kiev and then due west to Rovno and then the border of General Government.

Reel 8: 06:10:40 MLS Sheep, boy riding horse in countryside, sunflowers. 06:11:57 Militia guard in front of church ruins, cupolas in BG. CU of woman photographer and of man she is shooting. 06:12:40 on the sidewalk, a soldier and female civilian look at a huge city map (Dnieper River). Pan down Kiev street at bombed buildings in BG; soldier directs traffic. 06:12:54 Bombed building in BG, soldier directs traffic; soldiers around photographers in car. 06:13:27 LS Down avenue, bombed buildings. MLS Man and woman rowing boatload of people across river, MLS of churches (Western Ukraine?). 06:14:01 Hay shed and woman on wagon. Silhouette shots of church. 06:14:33 LS and MCU Men and women weaving of straw and cane into furniture and baskets (Northern Ukraine). LS man pitching hay into wagon. (Laying railroad tracks and mining minerals?) 06:15:44 MCU Halbstadt colony map, "Wegweiser", public transport sign with Hitler Youth in shot. Kids go into "Der Deutsche Laden" building. Location on map of Krankenhaus, SS Sonderkommando barracks. MS of large group of young boys many without shirts grabbing potatoes off truck. 06:16:16 Film goes black. LS of horses running from camera down village street, boys on horseback behind them. MS woman holding white dog by collar, VS dogs and owners. MS oxen, LS deer, elk. 06:17:45 MS Women digging in wide shallow trench, crane and ore cars? in BG. MS men tightening down on rail tracks. MS of line of women pulling together to move track over. CU of some of women. 06:18:43 Remarkable footage of Askaniia Nova, a nature reserve established in 1875 by a Prussian colonist in Chaplynka raion. VS wildebeests, oxen, ostrich, deer in pristine feather-grass steppe in the park. 06:19:51 MS Wagon with women and belongings (same as in reel 7 - Story 650).

Film Title
Event:  1943?
Kyiv (Kiev), Soviet Union
Dnieper River, Ukraine
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:45:57
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