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Buchenwald concentration camp; Hungarian Regt; von Rundstedt; Simpson and Patterson on tour

Film | Accession Number: 1994.119.1 | RG Number: RG-60.0863 | Film ID: 834

(LIB 5963) Concentration Camp, Buchenwald, Germany, April 22, 1945. Seq: Members of the House of Representatives visit concentration camp; view piles of bodies; visit crematoria of the camp. Included in the group of visitors: Frances E. Walters, PA; Eugene Worley. TX; Carter Manasco, AL; Albert Rains, AL; Henry W. Jackson, WA; Earl Wilson, IN; Marion Bennet, MO; Gordon Canfield, NJ; Maj. Gen. Vanier of the Canadian Army; Maj Walter Mosmiller of SHAEF in charge of the tour.

(LIB 5965) Hungarian Regt Surrenders, Near Cham, Germany, April 23, 1945. VS, 102nd Work Hungarian Regt with large number of horse-drawn vehicles, bicycles, and on foot advance on road after surrendering. MSs, CUs, Hungarian soldiers near field kitchen. MSs, CUs, Hungarians and US officers conversing. MSs, CUs, several US soldiers who were held prisoners by the Germans for five months, are met on the road by US soldiers guarding the Hungarian Regt. One of the US soldiers lies on the road, covered by a blanket. CU, US soldier abandoned by Germans suffering from shock and malnutrition. MS, one of the soldiers embraces a US medic and begins to cry. SEQ: Hungarian officer enters HQ of Brig. Gen. William Holbrook and exits with the Gen. Short scene, US soldiers attempt to destroy an archway in the road. VS, several US soldiers who were former prisoners of the Germans are given rations and cigarettes by the passing Americans. One of the soldiers offers the former German guard a cigarette.

(LIB 6180) Von Rundstedt Captured, Weilheim, Germany, May 2, 1945. INT CUs, Gen Karl von Rundstedt talking with Maj Gen Frank W. Milburn.

(LIB 6289) Gen Simpson and Under Sec Patterson on Tour, Germany, April 5, 1945. MSs, CUs, Amon Carter, Texas newspaperman, chats with son Lt. Carter, recently liberated from a German prison camp. VS, Lt. Gen. William H. Simpson escorts Under Secretary of War Robert L. Patterson and Carter to the XIX area where they visit Gen. Raymond S. McLain. Short scene, VIPs standing next to a sign, "Truman Bridge leads to Berlin."

Event:  April 22 to May 2, 1945
Buchenwald, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:47:55
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