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Hitler, high officials and entourage at the Berghof

Film | Accession Number: 1994.119.1 | RG Number: RG-60.0944 | Film ID: 910

Reel 7 of the private motion pictures of Eva Braun (Seized Enemy Records). According to IWM shotlist, the following individuals appear in this footage: Gustl Schulze-Cossens, Karl Jesko von Puttkammer, Walter Hewel, Albert Bormann, Baldur von Schirach, Heinrich Hoffmann, Khalid al Hud, Martin Bormann, Wilhelm Brueckner, Dr. Theodor Morell, Fritz Wiedemann, Nicolaus von Below, Sepp Dietrich, Dr. Otto Dietrich, Hans Karl von Hasselbach, Arno Breker, Demetra Breker.

COLOR. Title: "Wir gehen Gassi." Eva and her family with dogs on snow-covered road. Playing with dogs at a pond. Group seated around table outdoors. Eva lounging. Eva looking into water. Shoveling snow off of ice. Man on skates playing with dog. Eva and others skating on ice. Eva and family walking up path. Eva crossing stream, dogs and others in the water. Large dog dragging something out of water. Title: "Unser Hauschen." A country house. Women playing with dog using hose. People playing ping pong. Eva playing with dogs, men with dogs. Family relaxing on patio. Title: "Radlverein." [Bicycle Club] Family and friends exiting compound on bicycles. Eva biking down road. Men and women in traditional German costume.

Title: 'Brand in Riem." Smoke rising, barn-like building burning, large crowd gathered watching. Eva leaning on railing of ship. Scenes on deck. On terrace, Hitler giving some sort of grass to child, Eva behind him filming. Hitler escorts child inside. Title: "Auf dem Berghof." Adults and children playing. Hitler shaking hand of girl. Eva holding a rabbit. Hitler with another child. 06:14:21 Hitler on terrace with three people, including Baldur von Schirach.

Berlin, Germany. View from the Propagandaministerium, Hitler standing at the front of a Mercedes car driving through massed crowds in a triumphant procession, probably after the fall of France 1940.

CU of Hitler (elsewhere). Hitler posing with two young children on terrace. Car pulling up to house; Khalid al Hud al Qarqhani, royal counselor to Ibn Saud, wearing middle-eastern garb, gets out with another man; Greeted on steps. (This visit occurred June 17, 1939, after a meeting with Ribbentrop in Berlin on June 8.) Hitler standing with important-looking people on terrace.

Eva skating on ice. Title: "Zoo." Scenes of various animals at zoo, including tigers, duck, rams, giraffes, monkeys, elephants, and seals. Squirrel climbs onto Eva, she is feeding it. Bird eating out of hand of another woman.

Title: "Die Schule von Fischlham." Hitler visiting the school he attended from May 1, 1895 in Fischlham, Austria. Hitler greeting school children in small town. Hitler and other men coming out of building: Martin Bormann, Wilhelm Brueckner (Hitler's chief adjutant), Dr. Theodor Morell, Fritz Wiedemann (Hitler's adjutant). He shakes hands with school teacher. Hitler on terrace with puppies. Hitler speaking with SS General Sepp Dietrich. Hitler talking to child. Hitler talking with various men, including Hermann Esser, Dr. Otto Dietrich (Head of the Reichs Press), Dr. Hans Karl von Hasselbach (Hitler's doctor), and Dr. Theodor Morell (Hitler's personal doctor). Hitler in conversation with sculptor Arno Breker and his wife, Demetra Breker. Eva with black Scottish terrier, probably Negus, on terrace. Women walking down snowy path, followed by Hitler and another man. Eva and dogs.

Event:  1939-1940
Berchtesgaden, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Obersalzberg, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:56:54
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