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Army film documenting Axis powers, Lindbergh, Willkie, and FDR speaking to Congress

Film | Accession Number: 1994.119.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1115 | Film ID: 932

Orientation Film no. 7, Reel 6. International events cause the US to enter into World War II. Winston Churchill signs a document for more ships. A map shows US bases along the Caribbean to protect the Panama Canal. In Berlin, Hitler shakes hands with Japanese diplomats. A sign reads, "Mr. Berle Assistant Secretary of State" and he speaks of the pact of Berlin and the alliance of the Axis powers. Text states, "Pact of Berlin Sept. 27, 1940," people cheer on the street and flags wave. Hitler salutes and shakes hands with officials. Joachim von Ribbentrop of Germany, Galleazzo Ciano of Italy, and Saburo Kurusu of Japan all sign the pact. "Tokyo" is superimposed on a shot of champagne being poured in celebration. People cheer and wave flags. In Rome, a man stands on a balcony and looks down on a cheering crowd. A city square in Berlin is packed with people, the Axis powers' flags hang side by side and a Japanese official tips his hat.

05:34:02 Planes fly at night. In London, people sleep in subway tunnels, guns fire and buildings burn. Charles A. Lindbergh stands at a podium and says that England is losing the war. Wendell Willkie says, "England will not only survive, England will win!" People clean up London's streets. They pick up a mannequin and small British flags and sweep. An AIPO poll taken on January 1941 asks, "Should we keep out of war or aid Britain... even at the risk of war?" 68% say to risk war. Tanks roll and soldiers march. A diagram shows how in 1936, 1 in 20 people supported war, but by 1941 it grew to 14 out of 20. FDR speaks in front of Congress on Lend-Lease Act. A map illustrates supplies being sent out. War materials, including ships, planes and tanks, are shown. "Lend- Lease Act passed House 317 to 71 Senate 60 to 31" is superimposed on a shot of the Capitol building. Text states, "Lend Lease arms for those fighting aggression, but come and get them."

05:36:17 "April 6 1941" A map demonstrates Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece. "June 22 1941" A map shows Germany's invasion of Soviet Russia. German soldiers sit in a motor boat, ride in tanks and fire artillery. Civilians dig large ditches. Map shows expansion of the Lend-Lease Act. Ships are unloaded, men move boxes, trucks carry supplies and countless crates are stacked high. A truck has "Hammer and Sickle 'Em" painted on its side. Aerial shot of thousands of trucks lined up bumper to bumper. Boys move tires, pull a crate and unload other supplies. Men protest. Hitler speaks at podium. VO and text say, "Two worlds are in conflict... two philosophies of life... one of these two worlds must break asunder."

05:37:50 Panning shot of the Statue of Liberty. A drawing of the western hemisphere is shown with a Nazi flag on the right and Japanese flag on the left. Maps of Britain, Russia, and China are stamped with a swastika. A map illustrates how the German conquest of Europe and Africa would leave one quarter of the world's 2 billion people under Hitler's rule. If Russia were conquered, another 200 million people would be added. Japanese conquest of the Orient would leave 1000 million under their rule. The map shows how North and South America would be left with only 3/10 of the world's raw materials and have one industrial region where they would have three. The western hemisphere would make up one eighth of the world's population and if we mobilized 30 million men for combat, the Axis would mobilize 200 million. VO "These are the reasons that led us, the American people, to change the Neutrality Act."

05:39:49 The US Capitol Building. A map of North America has a sign reading, "No Arms For Sale" with "No" crossed out. Crates, trains, trucks and boats carry supplies to England, Russia, and China in order "to make ourselves the arsenals of democracy." A map shows the construction and strategic importance of US bases in Greenland and Iceland.

Event:  1941
Production:  1942
Washington, DC, United States
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:43:29
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