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March of Time -- outtakes -- Palestine, 1938

Film | Accession Number: 1997.134.1 | RG Number: RG-60.0910 | Film ID: 46

EXT, main entrance to Labor headquarters in Tel Aviv. Filing paperwork. Laborers present passbooks, CUs, pass. Reading notices in hall. Entering labor restaurant, eating, CUs, typical dish in labor restaurant. 01:48:59 INT, Tel Aviv city hall, meeting of Executive Committee of Labor Federation in Tel Aviv following the attack on Hanuta. David Remez, one of labor leaders in Palestine, presides at the meeting. At his left is Mereminsky, in charge of labor disputes. Eliahu Golumb, veteran labor leader, reports on the attack. Other meeting scenes, speaker, chairman, showing woman member of the committee. 01:50:22 At day break on a military road, men lined up for inspection in preparation for building a new Jewish settlement called Hanuta at the northern border of Palestine in the Galilee mountains, one mile from the Syrian border. Trucks and donkeys, men and women carrying loads up hill to settlement, some with guns. Putting up posts for barbed wire fences for defense. Policeman talks with pioneers. Shots of David Stern, head of the pioneer movement in Palestine, Julius Simon, president of the Palestine Economic Corporation, Moshe Shertok, head of the political department of the Jewish Agency, and Leo Hermann, director of the Palestine Foundation Fund surveying the new settlement. CU, Stern and Simon conversing. Asst. Superintendent of Police James Ring, in charge of supernumerary policemen in Galilee, accompanied by British and Jewish policemen directing defense setup for the new settlement. Men going uphill with material. Settlers preparing grounds for tents and stockade. 01:52:43 Veteran Labor leader Abraham Hartzfield, director of Labor Federation settlement department, assists in work and removes brush. Men and women remove brush. 01:52:59 Brief shots of lighters unloading goods at Jaffa harbor. 01:53:06 Rabbi carrying Torah. 01:53:07 Building first house in Hanuta settlement, barbed wire, tents. Night scene (previous night) with banquet, singing, feast in dining hall, folk dancing at the communal settlement before leaving to build Hanuta. [NOTE: Hanuta was attacked 12 hours after initial building, resulting in one death and one wounded.] 01:54:36 Loading delivery wagon of Arab Dairy Farm in Jaffa.

Film Title
Event:  1938
Tel Aviv, Palestine
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:56:53
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