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Second Global Structures Convocation lecture by Ferencz

Film | Accession Number: 1994.A.0037 | RG Number: RG-12.021.29

Lecture, "Creating Global Structures for Agenda 21." Second Global Structures Convocation, Washington, DC. February 6-9, 1992. ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT (tape 10 in conference series) Introduction by Robert Livingston, president of Positions for Social Responsibility. Second introduction by Catherine Porter, executive director of US Citizens Network.
Ferencz discusses new structures needed to create a more peaceful planet. Broad frameworks include a world community that is environmentally healthy, free from war, and economically sound. He argues for coordinated action on an international basis. To achieve this linked global structure, Ferencz introduces three fundamental components: a) laws to define minimum standards of behavior between nations; b) courts to determine if laws have been violated and to serve as a forum for punishment; and c) a system of effective enforcement. He proposes a management agency to enforce arms control, alternative means of sanctioning, and social justice. Furthermore, he urges concern for everyone everywhere, so that a combination of legal and moral can achieve these structures of peace. Ferencz claims that we already have the beginnings of the process of international law with concepts developed at Nuremberg, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Law of the Sea. He encourages acceleration of this process and reminds the audience to remember the strength and inspiration of Neil Armstrong who upon landing on the moon said, "We come in peace for all mankind." Following the lecture, Porter praises Ferencz for his interconnectedness and encouragement. She says, "I personally am encouraged by your presence on this planet."

Event:  1992 February
Production:  1992
Washington, DC, United States
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Benjamin Ferencz
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