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Krupp ammunition plant; Alliance of Axis countries; Invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece

Film | Digitized | Accession Number: 1998.191.1 | RG Number: RG-60.2461 | Film ID: 65

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    Krupp ammunition plant; Alliance of Axis countries; Invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece


    Title: "Hitler Pays Tribute to Krupp 13 August 1940" Hitler visits the Krupp ammunition plant. Hitler pays tribute to Gustav Krupp von Bohlen. MS Hitler shakes hands with Krupp as officers look on. Hitler talking to and gesturing to civilian in dark suit as officers look on. Large crowd of factory workers cheer and salute as Hitler walks past them toward camera, then steps up into car and remains standing.

    Title: "Signing of the Military-Economic Alliance by Germany, Italy and Japan 27 September 1940" Hitler welcomes delegates at the signing of the Germany-Italy-Japan alliance. LS Group of men led by von Ribbentrop, Ciano, and Japanese delegate striding down long, wide corridor. Same men coming into conference room. Ciano standing at conference table. Others file in. CU German officers. Hitler coming into room, salutes and is saluted. CU audience observing meeting. Approaches Ciano, shakes hand, then approaches Japanese delegate. MCU as he takes seat. LS of Hitler, Ciano and Kurusu (?) at table with their aides standing behind them. Two shots of Ciano and Hitler, pan down line of officers behind them. CU as Ribbentrop signs document, then Ciano, then Kurusu. Hitler and delegates leave table, walking past camera. Hitler at chancellery window, receives cheers of crowd, mass of people saluting fills screen. LS Hitler saluting at window, leaves balcony.

    Title: 1941 (03:56:07)

    Title: "1941 Bulgaria Joins Axis March 1941." Bulgarian delegate signs document to join Axis. German plane taxiing at airfield, Prof. Dr. Filov in coat debarks and shakes hands with Ribbentrop. Band plays group walks past honor guard. MS Ribbentrop, Filov, and Count Ciano take seats at conference table. CU German and Bulgarian signatories sign. LS Ribbentrop and Filov shake hands. Hitler and various delegates shake hands. Hitler speaking and gesturing to Filov.

    Title: "Invasion of Jugoslavia and Greece 6 April 1941" Yugoslavia and Greece are invaded. Animap of region as names of Yugoslavian areas appear. VAR Anti-tank spikes, destroyed railroad tracks in Croatia; soldiers confer, march past houses along road, cross stream and drag artillery over wooden bridge. Animap shows entry into Greece at Salonika and Xanthi. VAR LS, smoke rises in valley from German artillery hits, German guns fire and recoil, view of valley, German sketching. Germans in foxhole gesture. LS Stuka planes in sky. Extreme HA (probably shot from plane) flying Stuka, bombs drop and explode. German tank rolls down street in Salonika, w/many civilian onlookers, as well as German officers saluting as tanks pass. View of Aegean harbor. Tanks roll toward camera; town in BG and column of smoke.
    Film Title
    The Nazi Plan
    Event:  1940-1941
    Production:  Approximately 1945
    Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
    Director: E. R. Kellogg
    Compiler: James B. Donovan
    United States Navy Lieutenant E. R. Kellogg certifies motion pictures of Nazi concentration camps in an affidavit presented in the "Nazi Concentration Camps" film by the Americans as evidence during the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. Kellogg had expertise in motion picture and photographic techniques through his employment with Twentieth Century Fox Studios in California from 1929 to 1941. He attests that he has thoroughly examined the concentration camp liberation films of the Army Signal Corps and found them to be unaltered, genuine, and true copies of the originals in the U.S. Army Signal Corps vaults.
    James B. Donovan. United States Navy Commander. Associate Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials, where he coordinated and presented all Nazi films at the trials. General Counsel to OSS. Negotiated the exchange of Bay of Pigs prisoners with Fidel Castro as an independent lawyer under backdrop of the missile crisis, securing the freedom of nearly 10,000 people. Portrayed by Tom Hanks in "Bridge of Spies".

    Physical Details

    B&W / Color
    Black & White
    Image Quality
    Time Code
    03:53:11:18 to 04:00:45:27
    Film Format
    • Master
    • Master 65 Video: Betacam SP - NTSC - large
      Master 65 Video: Betacam SP - NTSC - large
      Master 65 Video: Betacam SP - NTSC - large
      Master 65 Video: Betacam SP - NTSC - large
    • Preservation
    • Preservation 65 Video: Betacam SP - NTSC - large
      Preservation 65 Video: Betacam SP - NTSC - large
      Preservation 65 Video: Betacam SP - NTSC - large
      Preservation 65 Video: Betacam SP - NTSC - large

    Rights & Restrictions

    Conditions on Access
    You do not require further permission from the Museum to access this archival media.
    Public Domain
    Conditions on Use
    While this film is a production of the US government and is therefore in the public domain, it contains German newsreel footage, the rights to which are held by the German state archive (Bundesarchiv). Researchers should exercise caution when using newsreel clips from this film, and consider clearing copyright with the Bundesarchiv, especially if broadcast in Europe.

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    Administrative Notes

    Film Provenance
    The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum purchased this from the National Archives and Records Administration in September 1998.
    See also Stories 620, 621, 622, and 623 on Film ID 302 for duplicate footage.

    "The Nazi Plan" was shown as evidence at the International Military Tribunal (IMT) in Nuremberg on December 11, 1945. It was compiled by Budd Schulberg and other military personnel, under the supervision of Navy Commander James Donovan. The compilers took pains to use only German source material, including official newsreels and other German films (1919-45). It was put together for the US Counsel for the Prosecution of Axis Criminality and the US Office of the Chief Counsel for War Crimes. The film was received in evidence as IMT exhibit USA-167.

    Summary from NARA story card (archive source number 238.1): "On the activities and policies of the National Socialist Party in Germany, 1921-1944, particularly as reflected in the speeches of Adolf Hitler. Shows much of the pagentry associated with the speeches. Consists of four parts: Part I: The rise of the NSDAP, 1921-1933 (reels 1-2); Part II: Acquiring totalitarian control of Germany, 1933-1935 (reels 3-8); Part III: Preparation for wars of aggression, 1935-1939 (reels 9-16); and Part IV: Wars of aggression, 1939-1944 (reels 17-22)."
    Copied From
    35mm; b/w
    Film Source
    United States. National Archives and Records Administration. Motion Picture Reference
    File Number
    Legacy Database File: 2205
    Source Archive Number: 238.1 R19
    Record last modified:
    2024-02-21 07:53:23
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