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Anniversary; War Crimes Trials: Einsatzgruppen Case; Allied Council Meeting

Film | Accession Number: 2001.358.1 | RG Number: RG-60.2988 | Film ID: 2383

02:30:00 (Munich 680) Sig Corps 85th Anniversary, Hanau Sig Depot, Germany, March 3, 1948. MCU, Maj. Gen. Jerry V. Matejka saluting soldiers to be decorated and advancing to award the Italian War Cross. (The men decorated are Maj. Aldo R. Rossi, Capt. Wayne A. Meyers, and M/Sgt. Paul M. Daugherty). VS, black Army band playing as it marches in review, followed by 22nd HQ detachment, 218th, 192nd, and 69th Sig. Companies. (The men marching carry slung rifles.) MS, Sgt. and soldiers in the ranks listening to he general's talk.

02:34:47 (Munich 674) War Crimes Trials - Subsequent Trial Proceedings, Case 9 (Einsatzgruppen Case), Nuremberg, Germany, February 11, 1948. Close shot from rear of dock as defendants file in to seats, Ohlendorf last, sits, pan to African American soldiers guarding them 02:35:27. 02:35:42 Judges entering the courtroom.

02:36:19 (Munich 675) Allied Coucil Meeting, Berlin, Germany, February 11, 1948. Pan, Soviet delegation at table (left to right): Major Kudravitziw, Mr. Maximov, Counselor A. Kadiev, Gen. Dratvin, Marshal Sokolovski, Minister Semenov, Counselor Gribanov, and Lt. Col. Kostenko. LS, French delegation: Mr. Joss, Lt. Col. Glain, Lt. Col. Villeplee, Gen. Dromard, Gen. Koenig, Ambassador Tarbe de St. Harduin, Minister Seydoux, Mr. Neurohr. LS, British delegation: Mr. Raw, Sir Eric Coates, Gen. Brownjoh, Gen. Robertson, Mr. Christian Steel, Sir Cecil Weir, Mr. Bedingfield, Mr. Coghill. CU, Gen. Sir Brian Robertson. LS, American delegation: Gen. Lucius D. Clay, Mr. King, Capt. Beukema, Lt. Col. Gerhardt, Mr. Riddleberger, Gen. Hays, Mr. Oulashin, Mr. Ancruma.

Event:  February 11-March 3, 1948
Nuremberg, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:49:56
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