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Prewar folk festival; wartime scenes, soldiers

Film | Accession Number: 2001.355.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3118 | Film ID: 2487

VS, group of young men and women performing traditional folk songs and dances for a large crowd, presumably gathered for a folk festival. Shots alternate between shots of the performers and shots of the crowd cheering. During the dance performance, a man announces "Jewish cradle song" (lullaby). VS, Soviet armies, marching along roads, reclining and socializing in the sun. City, large crowds of civilians, lined up in front of government buidling. Men, women and children in the crowds. CUs of weapons- rifles, grenades, etc. Soldiers aiming a cannon. VS of military machinery that had been destroyed or dismantled. Wokers building new tanks out of the old scraps, VS. Countryside, soldiers building a fence. Military officers in the city [repeat of some footage from Story 3117, Film ID 2487]. Officers salute each other, speak to each other and then get into a vehicle and drive away. VS, of the officers plotting their course with maps, posing in the grass fields along a river bank.

According to Russian narration, the soldiers marching along roads are Polish military prisoners who resisted the Red Army in its "glorious" liberation of the Western territories of Ukraine and Belarus. The uniform these soldiers are wearing confirms that these are Polish soldiers.

Intertitle: "The Red Army has honestly fulfilled its liberating mission." The Polish army is destroyed. Its divisions and regiments surrendered to our army.

Narration begins:
Prisoners: These are the former soldiers of the former Polish army. (See Notes field)

Comrade soldiers, you will be set free; and each one of you will go home, return to your work and do your business on the land, in the plants and factories, at every place where the work needs to be done by honest and good people. Tell all, that together the Red Army and the Soviet Union bring freedom to all the workers of Western Ukraine and Western Byelorussia.

Here are more prisoners. Polish officers. Look at these soldiers! Boasters! Once the Red Army approached they ran away from their soldiers. They were hiding behind others' backs. They were hiding in barracks and churches, trying to resist the Red Army. With machine guns they were firing at the Red Army units when they entered the city. Traces of these battles can tell us about enemies that were hiding here. Our tank guns, hand grenades, and sharp shooting destroyed these serpent nests.

The Red Army advance was fierce and destructive. This is the weaponry left by run away officers and gendarmes; it is brought from different parts of the city [Throughout this part of the footage VS of Lvov are shown.] The Red Army got great salvage. Everything points to the panicked escape of cowardly and unfortunate Polish barons. Seems they were in a great hurry!

At this Finnish military port (possibly in Hanko), Red Navy sailors repair deserted and sunken vessels. (See Notes field)

This is the famous and inglorious Polish "Maginot Line", which meant to block the way for the advance of iron Red Army units.

Not so long ago this river was a border of the collapsed Polish state. The Red Army smashed the border that divided Western Ukraine and Western Byelorussia from the great Soviet country. No more borders on this liberated land! Iron sticks are pulled out forever!

Representatives of the German High Command arrive at the Soviet Army location.

During a conversation with German officers the Commander of the Cavalry Corps, Comrade Yeremenko, discussed the particulars of the advance towards the border of mutual Soviet-German interests.

The Cavalry Corps Headquarters decides on the plan of future advance. The valorous Red Army has reached the new frontier! A few kilometers are left ahead. The heroic and glorious advance of the Red Army, the great army-liberator, is complete.

Event Date
Lvov, Poland
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Central State Film, Photo & Sound Archives
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