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Ethnic groups of Trancarpathia

Film | Accession Number: 2001.355.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3154 | Film ID: 2489

Silent with Czech intertitles. Opens with MCU of water wheel and river. VS water wheel and its mechanisms. MLS peasant family standing in front of a thatched roof house. VS, LS, countryside, hills and valleys, trees and the river running through the valley. MLS, log cabins, some may form part of a dam that harnesses the water power from the river.

Title: "Vychodni' hranice Czeskoslovenska tvori' pohranicni pas cernohorsky." LS, pan, snow capped mountains. 00:12:24 MLS, a group of Jews and Roma-men women and children. Several women in traditional peasant costumes at Czech border. MS, Roma women and children, women are seated, children are standing, posing for the camera. MCU women in traditional dress, some smile at the camera, others look away. VS, streets and market. Title: "Casto potkame venkovske svatby." MS, horsedrawn wagon passing by, people in traditional costume are riding in the wagon. Another cart, the horses are being led by a young man in traditional dress. VS, wedding ceremony. Bride and groom are preceded and followed by several townspeople all in their finery.

Title: "Kroje z okoli' Vel. Bockova." VS, three peasant woman on the street walk towards camera smiling. LS church and steeple. MS, young boys, kneeling, on the ground, their backs face the camera, and their hands above heads. Title: "Cerkev a zvonice v Ganici." MLS church. Title: "Kostelik v Uzoku." MLS Catholic church made of wood, traditional Carpathian style. 00:14:07 Title: "Jeste zajimavejsi je stary kostelik z Selestova." VS, church, a large crucifix.

00:14:24 Title: "Obec Horjany ma' zase pamatnou yzantskou rotundu, pocha'zejici snad lobyvelkomoravske'." MLS, building, and a cemetery, several wooden crosses. Church visible in BG obscured by trees. 00:14:45 Title: "Typicke hrbitovy ez ozdob a ohrazeni' _aji skoro orientalini' raz." VS wooden crosses/grave markers in grass field. CU, large wooden crucifix with lifelike rendition of Jesus. LS, large group of men, women and children in traditional costume, walking towards camera during a procession, some carry large wreaths on wooden sticks, continues past camera. MLS women exiting church, some hold wreaths, others with crosses festooned with photos and draped with cloth. MS young man gestures towards the crucifix he is standing next to. Man in elegant suit leads the procession. MLS children playing in the garden of ornate church. Larger group, women dressed completely in white with scarves on heads, older women completely in dark colors with black scarves. VS, CUs, Roma in traditional dress. CU elderly Roma couple with fur shawls.

00:16:25 Title: "...roubenych z hrube tesanych tramu nebo vystavenych z nepalenych cihel pokrytych vesmes..." MS, three young boys playing, house in BG. MS, a religious Jew, an older man wears a prayer shawl, black hat and long beard, his back is to the camera. VS, houses in the village (a Jewish community).

00:16:58 Title: "Cikanska vesnice." VS, Roma settlement. LS, children running in street. MCU, women cooking, pots on open fire. CU, young woman holding child. CU, man playing violin. MCU, man chopping wood. MCU, older Roma woman with long dark braids stares into the camera, turns and walks away. LS of stepped farmlands.

Title: "...Iceniny Chustu z XI. stol. Byl to jeden nejpysnejsich hradu ...cme a dosud vevodi' celemu okoli." LS, Munkacs castle perched atop a verdant hill. LS, three men in grass. Title: "Mukacevsky zamek Palanka z XII. stol. historicky zajimavy' oyli v nem vezneni ...o roce 1848 nekteri costi' vlastonci." LS, large white house across a river. Title: "Krajem se prehnaka vichrice valecna." CU, coat of arms. MCU, Slovenian border, customs sign. Four peasant women enter a building, one woman turns and smiles to camera. Sign: "Celni Mestiste" VS, farm life. Cows. Title: "...eme jest prevahou zemedelska'. Luka pastviny zaujimaji' vetsi' plochu nez kde jinde." LS, pan, of landscape, bails of hay dot the landscape. Title: "...ypickym zjevem jsou elika' stada dobytka, pasouchiho se na ...ozlehlych planich" VS, cattle, sheep, horses grazing, children feeding a flock of geese. LS, thatched roof huts. Title: "...nizinach Marmarose chovaji buvoly" VS, cattle grazing, field hand with the cattle, CU on his feet, he has rags wrapped around his feet rather than shoes. [The Marmarose region is where Elie Wiesel and his family are from.] Title scrolls on screen. VS, CU peasants working the land. Title: "S malymi caparty ...edelaji' zde okolku. Strci je do kolebky a bav se, jak umis!" VS, peasants and farm life. Good CU, goat poking its head over a wooden fence. 00:21:30 Title: "Pro domaci' potrebu pestuje se konopi" VS, women picking and threshing wheat. MCU, overexposed, young peasant girl, leaning out window of house.

00:21:56 Title: "bchod jest vyhradne v rukou zidu" MLS, Jewish community, religious man in prayer shawl walks by. VS, street scenes, business district. Title: "Trhy, cojne navstevovane' akovany v narodnich krojich, poskytuji' oestry' obraz, plny' zivota a ruchu" VS, Roma women in fields, woman carrying baby. Title: "Slavnostni' nalady uzil cikansky parek svemu zasnoubeni" VS, pregnant Roma woman with man. Shoe stall in market. MS, woman with a baby on her back. MCU Czech soldiers at a market stall buying watermelon. 00:23:35 Title: "...kacevo, po Uzhorode dulezitejsi stredisko karpatoruske" VS, market, cattle being herded into town market. Title: "Y mestskem museu jsou pamatky po nejstarsich obyvatelich zeme" MCU, cast iron pots in museum.

Title: "dovske' gymnasium" MLS, Jewish school. 00:24:26 Title: "Republika venuje delani' lidu a hlavne ...olstvi' nejvetsi peci, a Podkarpatske' Rusi ...ribylo v letech 1921..." Pans of Jewish school building, and surrounding area. Title: "Pro venkovske' deti ou zrizeny internaty" CU, of the sign on the school building. (Gymnasium) Title: "...atni sprava se stara o vzdelani cikanu.- Cikanska skola v Uzhorode" MS, young Roma children exiting schoolhouse, LS school building. CU young Romani boy writing on his slate board. LS, children running and playing in field outside school.

Film Title
Production:  1938
Munkacs, Czechoslovakia
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Central State Film, Photo & Sound Archives
Record last modified: 2020-08-04 09:21:06
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