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US proclaims neutrality; ships with Americans; children evacuated in London

Film | Accession Number: 2001.358.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3031 | Film ID: 2392

Universal Newsreel, Vol. 11, No. 804, Part 1. Release date, 09/06/1939.
According to UN Official Motion Picture Release:
12:23:13 Part 1A: Washington, DC. Closely following President Roosevelt's speech to the nation urging a neutral America, Secretary of State Hull countersigns the neutrality measure and arms embargo destined to keep the US out of war.
12:25:54 Part 1B: New York, NY. Liners arrive with more Americans fleeing from the war. The Polish vessel, "Batory" brings Polish Red Cross leaders to confer with officials here. A "Vest Pocket" torpedo boat arrives from England for navy demonstrations. The "Queen Mary" delayed in port, has her funnels and masts camouflaged for a sudden return trip. American flags are painted on the SS President Roosevelt which is to return for stranded Americans.

12:26:15 Part 1C: Warsaw, Poland. US Ambassador Biddle, who narrowly escaped death in a Nazi bombing raid, presents American flag to President Moscicki.

12:26:54 Part 1D: London, England. Dramatic scenes as thousands of helpless children are evacuated by trainloads to safe havens away from civilian air raids. Kids evacuated from London by train. Lots of school kids marching, walking down sidewalk in school uniforms. CU and MLS women protesting, marching in streets. CU filing into building. CU, three children waving at camera, one little girl with ringlets of hair. VCU, girl smiles anxiously at camera, boarding train (quick shot). Through window of train; reflection in window of line of children waiting to board. MLS parents waving from edge of street/gate. Building in BG. MCU children waving from window.

12:27:22 Part 1E: Ottawa, Ontario. Exclusive scenes as loyal Canadians rush to enlist, prepared to fight for Great Britain overseas.
12:27:51 Part 1F: "Students hail Pres. Cardenas" Mexico City. Impressive scenes as the Mexican leader arrives at Revolution Monument to present flags to University students and receive the oath. A parade climaxes in the colorful ceremony.
12:28:14 Part 1G: "Blast wrecks bootleg still" Malaga, NJ. Government agents capture an illicit "likker" plant in the woods near here and seize four men. Nine huge vats and thousands of gallons of "hooch" are destroyed by dynamite blasts, which injure a cameraman.

Event:  1939 September 06
Washington, DC, United States
New York, NY, United States
Warsaw, Poland
London, England
Boston, MA, United States
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:03:35
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