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1933 events in England, USA

Film | Accession Number: 2002.545.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3461 | Film ID: 2565

Cricket. MSs batsman hitting, bowler throwing. LSs of cricket match being played in front of large crowd. Headline re "bodyline bowling" controversy. 01:20:54 CU sign "Fleet St." Shot looking up the busy street. Interior offices of paper? journalists working (narrator speaks as a journalist) LS, MS G.K. Chesterton speaking to big crowd. Auto racing at Brooklands. CUs people in booths keeping records. 01:21:28 Election in Ireland. Big crowd, riot breaking out, men fighting with police. Yachts at Cowes. 01:21:54 Loch Ness monster, headline "Beast with 7 ft Neck. Nightmare Shape." Pan on Loch Ness. Various CUs of different newspaper headlines with claims of having seen the monster. EXT old pub in city. CU pan on rows of liquor bottles. 01:23:36 Cruise ship, calm female voice promotes the idea of taking a cruise. People sunbathing on deck, various recreation on ship. Scenery, cliffs, waterfalls. Mediterranean coastal town. MS, man dancing with snakes. 01:24:28 Venice, var. shots: looking across water to St Mark's; gondola; bridges over canals; tourist couple; ruins; volcano. Pan with passenger train passing in Germany. INT, dining car, passengers being served by waiters. View from train. Castles perched on cliffs overlooking river. German boys' group looking from bridge over river and city. CU, hand cutting off a cluster of grapes. Grape pickers on steep hillside overlooking old German city. CU, glasses of white wine; hands pick them up and toast. MS, German folk dancers in ethnic costumes. VAR shots of mass exercise demonstrations in stadiums. CUs earth being shoveled. Line of workers shoveling dirt into small rail cars. Workers marching like troops. LSs German factories. (Narrator enthusiastically talking about the Germans' organization and spirit and purpose, no unemployment, etc.) People walking to work. Towers at factory. CUs, MSs German skilled workers in factories, steelworkers. 01:26:54 CU, Staged scene of rock thrown through shop window. MS Nazis in street. Shop w/ Jewish name; pan down to frightened family in doorway. Nazis driving through streets. Headline "Germans Deny Jew Persecution." Anti-Jewish sign. VAR shots showing boycott of Jewish businesses. "JUDEN" painted on shop Nazis putting up anti-Jewish signs. MS pan on Nazis chanting. Headline "Einstein Flees to England." Pan on crowd to podium where Albert Einstein is speaking in England.01:27:37 CU, Einstein speaking [in English]. "Without such freedom, there would have been no Shakespeare...Goethe...Pasteur...." 01:28:12 Anti-Hitler / Fascist demonstrations in England ? and USA (different perspectives: pro-worker, pro-Jewish). 01:28:42 LS White House. CU Roosevelt signing document. Congress. New Deal, government programs in US. Various shots of workers. TVA Tennessee Valley Authority. MS, CU men receiving paychecks. 01:29:23 Mount Rushmore is constructed, blasting on mountain, workers hanging from ropes drilling into rock. FDR eating at table outdoors with workers. Film on screen as camera pulls back. 01:30:12 CU neon sign "News Theatre". Screen showing man getting out of small aircraft. Nighttime views of lights in Piccadilly circus. Motorcycle races. Boxing. Circus elephants get onto stools. Large and crowded dance floor at the Hammersmith Palais. 01:31:15 MLS movie theatre organist and organ rising out of the floor. CUs of newspaper ads for movies. 01:31:42 Scene from "Sign of the Cross." 01:31:29 Scenes from "42nd Street." 01:33:40 LS of movie audience in balcony. Scene from "The Private Life of Henry VIII." Neon signs at night in London. 01:34:27 MS people crowding into theatre lobby, audience, chorus dancers on stage. MCU man at lightboard. Dancing. Audience. Clowns. LS men's quartet singing. 01:36:00 MSs people at tables in nightclub watching comedian. Comedy bits. 01:36:56 Dancers in front of male chorus. Lights of Piccadilly. More dancers. 01:37:24 Audience. More Nazis, speaker at podium draped with swastika flag, crowd of men onstage with him, most in military uniform. Book burning by Nazis. Nighttime shots of lights in London, Berlin, and New York. Sequence of shots of dancers and audience in theatre, various flashing neon signs. MS pan of objects representing 1933, lying around as if in a cluttered attic.

Event:  1933
Venice, Italy
Washington, DC, United States
London, England
Berlin, Germany
New York, NY, United States
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of WPA Film Library
Record last modified: 2020-02-04 10:39:59
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