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Children: the Aryan ideal

Film | Accession Number: 2002.542.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3410 | Film ID: 2562

Title, "Gesunde Jugend/Starkes Volk" [Healthy Youth/Strong People]. More credits. Title, "Das himmelreich erringen keine halben, die Freiheit erlangen keine Feigen und die Zukunft gehört nur den Mutigen allein! Adolf Hitler, Parteitag der Ehre." Unclothed toddlers play on a beach and splash in the water. Children play in a yard, jumping and crawling on mats that lie on the ground. They do flips over a horizontal bar. CUs of children’s faces. The kids walk across a balance beam and go down a slide head first.

04:02:46 Children play hide-and-seek. They sit in a grassy field, run through a forest looking for places to hide, and try to tag each other. Various shots of kids tumbling, rolling and doing exercises. Youth do gymnastics on monkey bars, parallel bars and uneven bars. They climb up ladders and slide down poles. Girls dance and hula-hoop in unison. Boys climb up ropes, play tug-of-war and wrestle. Men play rugby.

04:08:01 Young women stand in a circle and do anaerobic exercises with balls. They rhythmically toss them back and forth. Boys run, jump over parallel bars, and try to push one another off a beam. Men jump over rows of people and practice different relays. People in uniforms do military training exercises such as: climbing over walls, jumping across ditches, crawling under low wires and balancing on beams.

04:11:23 Men long jump towards the camera and others practice the hammer throw. Girls in white dresses do choreographed dances together in a field. Women stand together wearing bathing suits and simultaneously practice breathing and movement exercises. Individual girls do routines on horizontal and parallel bars. Various shots of people doing flips and diving into a pool. An instructor stands and observes pairs of girls fencing at the same time.

04:14:32 Men do synchronized routines on parallel bars and someone practices on a pommel horse. Slow motion shot of man on a high bar doing various drills. Other men simultaneously perform on parallel and high bars while a large audience watches.

04:19:11 Rows of girls march wearing uniforms. A Nazi flag hangs from a stadium wall. Extreme WS, a mass of people dressed in black and white march in seemingly endless rows. In a large stadium (Olympic stadium?), row after row of people make synchronized movements. Overlying images of children smiling, youth exercising and a soldier in uniform standing by a
Nazi flag. "Ende."

Production:  1937
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:51:30
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