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USHMM Public Domain Tape #1

Film | Film ID: HMM100

RG-60.0004, Ruthenia, 1930s. EXT synagogue in Ungvar (Uzhgorod), a town in Ruthenia with a large Jewish population. Ungvar was transferred from Romania to Hungary in November 1938. Star of David, detail on synagogue. Men and women and young boy walking in courtyard of synagogue, Hebrew writing on walls of building. Munkacs (? It is not exactly clear when the location changes). MCU, travelling shot of an older man in profile, long white beard and hat, walking toward screen left. MS, woman wearing a scarf on her head, in peasant dress, walks through wooden gate toward camera, smiling, with a chicken or goose in her hands. A young girl, wearing a hat walks through a wooden gate, also carrying a chicken. Middle-aged man with moustache, wearing cap, walks through wooden gate toward camera, carrying chicken wrapped in butcher paper under his arm. The dope sheets indicate that the cameraman filmed the rabbi slaughtering the birds according to the kosher rites, but these scenes were cut by the Hungarian censors before the film left the country.

CU adolescent boy (Orthodox) smiles sheepishly at camera, camera follows him briefly. Street outside the walls of the synagogue, other buildings visible, people walking, mainly men, all in orthodox dress, bicycle rides through shot, screen right. MS, travelling shot, man seen from behind, walking on street with goose under his arm, 2 children walking in the background. MS of a storefront that reads "ADOLF (TEXTA) MERMELSTEIN". Men, Hungarian soldiers in front of shop window. Men on the street, aware of the camera, turn away. CU of an older man who smiles and smokes a pipe. Tombstones in a small Jewish cemetery in the FG with a thatched-roof house in the background.
Budapest: EXT Dohany Street synagogue, only one side of the building is visible. Men walking by wearing bowler-type hats and fedoras. Also in Budapest, very nice shots of a man directing a group of small boys as they play violin. The boys are identified in the dope sheets as "Gypsy children playing violin in dead-end alley of Budapest's Gypsy district."

Ungvar: MCU armed police patrolling street. One young boy and two women in profile, in market, woman counting her change. MS of peasant women, all with their heads covered and wearing shawls in the open air market, some look at the camera. Policeman with rifle in the street, horsedrawn carriages, men and women in contemporary dress and hats (women in heels and tailored overcoats; men in fedoras and tailored overcoats) on busy street. Policeman conducting traffic. Hungarian soldiers march by, turn a corner. A sign on a building reads "KARANA." MS Peasants in horse-drawn carts move by on the same street corner where soldiers were previously. Armed police monitor procession from screen left.

Ungvar market, center, young Orthodox Jew and older man in profile smoking a pipe. Men gathering hay, people and cows in background. Woman with her head covered and wearing a fur coat (guba), standing in front of a basket of eggs, looking for money in her change purse. Mores scenes of people and goods at the market. Two women talk, one becomes aware of the camera and smiles. Travelling shot, man carrying a bucket at market, wearing a fur shawl (guba) and hat. More shots of market women.

01:06:05 RG-60.0613, Gypsies, Moreni, Romania, c. 1926. Gypsies (?) carrying goods with bullock-drawn wagons. Intertitle re: vendors of drinks, fruit, etc. MS of gypsy men and women seated on slabs with posts all about them. Next to them are baskets of fruit and a pail. Wagon with log on it passes in front of them. MCU of same group as woman walks by with basket. MS two men with pole that has basket at each end are selling to a third man. One man has pole on shoulder, other has pole on ground. Man buying it having his bag weighed. Intertitles and scenes showing how the wells operate. Intertitle re: gypsies of Romania. MS woman in kerchief doing wash in what looks like a carved out wooden log with tents in BG. Two women standing, woman sitting with child to left, man on seat in front of stove or fire, another woman on right at pile of cut branches. Man and several women smoking cigarettes.

01:08:16 RG-60.0586, Nazi parade, Berlin, March 1933. Brown-shirts parade through streets (in formation). Nazis march through the Brandenburg Gate. LS of crowd with umbrellas lining streets, and parade. Some tracking shots and shots from above. Flags and banners. Parade, building with people on the balcony waving, marching soldiers, camera follows flag bearer.

01:09:05 RG-60.0570, Bookburning, 1933. Newsreel. Title reads: "We Guard Britain's Books." Berlin bookburning. Crowds at night, burning pyre of books, people tossing books onto the pyre on May 13, 1933. Staged scenes of German book title pages (including H.G. Wells) being stamped with a swastika (swastika is reversed image). AVs of England, aftermath of Nazi firebomb raids. CUs of books. VS of archivists photographing books on microfilm in England for shipment to the US. VS, crates of microfilmed books being loaded onto a freighter. VS, librarians at Library of Congress in Washington, DC cataloging Britain's microfilmed books, CUs, card catalog and library stacks. Newsreel ends with a quote from Winston Churchill: "Books in all their variety offer the means whereby civilisation may be carried triumphantly forward."

01:11:35 RG-60.0588, Jewish War Veterans, NYC, March 23, 1933.
01:12:36 RG-60.0589, Madison Square Garden, NYC, March 27, 1933
01:13:38 RG-60.0590, Madison Square Garden, NYC, May 10, 1933
01:14:37 RG-60.0573, Chicago, May 10, 1933
01:19:25 RG-60.0574, Protest march, NYC, May 10, 1933

GERMANY 1935-1938
01:26:50 RG-60.0744, Olympics, Berlin, 1936
01:35:40 RG-60.0377, Germany 1937 (Julien Bryan)
01:35:52 RG-60.0375, "Degenerate Art" exhibit (Julien Bryan)
01:36:28 RG-60.0380, "Jews Not Wanted" sign (Julien Bryan)
01:38:46 RG-60.0381 and RG-60.0382, Nuremberg Nazi party rally (Julien Bryan)
01:41:36 RG-60.0383, "Yellow Benches are for Jews" sign (Julien Bryan)
01:42:22 RG-60.0392, "Der Stuermer" anti-Semitic weekly news (Julien Bryan)
01:43:20 RG-60.0393, Nuremberg Nazi party rally (Julien Bryan)
01:49:45 RG-60.0396 and RG-60.0397, Berlin (Julien Bryan)
01:54:51 RG-60.0501, Goldschmidt school, Jewish private school, Berlin (Julien Bryan)
01:58:41 RG-60.0502, Jewish scouts (Julien Bryan)

Compilation reel
Chicago, IL, United States
Berlin, Germany
New York, NY, United States
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