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USHMM Public Domain Tape #2

Film | Film ID: HMM101

01:00:10 USHMM Photo Archives Worksheet # 89210. Switzerland 1943 View of the Swiss Alps framing the background of the shelters housing Jewish refugees of all nationalities. *Please credit the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives.

01:00:20 USHMM Photo Archives Worksheet # 89209. Switzerland 1943 A French refugee boy waits patiently for his bowl to be filled with food in Switzerland. Since the summer of 1942, when the Germans began to deport refugees from France to Poland, some 6,000 men, women and children escaped from France to Switzerland through the
Alps. *Please credit the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives.

01:00:30 USHMM Photo Archives Worksheet # 89208. Switzerland 1943 A Swiss nurse attends to a refugee girl's leg injury in a home supported by the American Joint Distribution. This young girl sustained her injury while crossing the Alps with her parents from France into Switzerland. *Please credit the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives.

01:00:40 USHMM Photo Archives Worksheet # 80500. Merkers, [Thueringen] Germany April 15, 1945 Bundles of currency collected art, and other valuables from Berlin lie stored in a salt mine where they were left by the German government. The cache was discovered by U.S. troops of the 90th Division. *Please credit the National Archives, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives.

01:00:50 USHMM Photo Archives Worksheet # 80624. Buchenwald, Germany May 5, 1945 An American soldier sorts through crates of silverware taken from prisoners in Buchenwald. The crates were hidden in a nearby cave along with other boxes of confiscated belongings. *Please credit the National Archives, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives.

01:01:00 USHMM Photo Archives Worksheet # 80623. Buchenwald, Germany May 5, 1945 A crate full of rings confiscated from prisoners in Buchenwald and found by American troops in a cave adjoining Buchenwald. *Please credit the National Archives, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives.

01:01:10 USHMM Photo Archives Worksheet # 74575. Germany April 12, 1945 General Dwight D. Eisenhower, General Omar N. Bradley, and other Army personnel examine a suitcase of silverware, which was found in a salt mine. *Please credit the National Archives, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives.

01:01:20 USHMM Photo Archives Worksheet # 74574. Germany April 12, 1945 General Dwight D. Eisenhower, General Omar N. Bradley, Lt. General George S. Patton, Jr., and other Army personnel, inspect art treasures stolen by Germans and hidden in a salt mine in Germany. *Please credit the National Archives, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives.

The Swiss requested a large J be put on the passports of Jews. The following passport pictures are of items maintained in the Museum's collection:
01:01:30 USHMM Records/Archives # 740-4. German Reisepass Nr. 0052921/40, cover shot
01:01:40 USHMM Records/Archives # 740-8. German Passport Nr. 391/39, for Oppenheimer, first page, marked with a "J"
01:01:50 USHMM Records/Archives # 740-1. German Passport Nr. 188582, for Geiger, first page, marked with a "J"
01:02:00 USHMM Records/Archives # 740-3. German Passport, for Teigar, personal information page, date: 21 August 1939

01:02:12 RG-60.0026, Auschwitz, Poland 1945 Images of survivors, with baggage, wrapped warmly and walking in the snow through the camp.

01:02:34 RG-60.0026, Auschwitz, Poland 1945 General views of camp architecture, including a close-up of the "Arbeit Macht Frei" sign above the gate, and of the barbed wire encompassing the camp.

01:02:48 RG-60.0026, Auschwitz, Poland 1945 Footage of a photo album, with the pages being turned. The happy pictures include young and old, portraits and families, in a medium shot.

01:03:14 RG-60.0027, Auschwitz, Poland 1945 The camera pans across piles of suitcases, showing some close-up, with luggage stickers of various countries. There is a German narration, which lists names of countries from which the prisoners came (for example, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Holland).

01:03:37 RG-60.0027, Auschwitz, Poland 1945 Russian doctors and nurses examine the legs of child survivors. There is German voice-over.

01:03:51 RG-60.0027, Auschwitz, Poland 1945 Contrasting images of pictures of healthy children, filmed from a photo album, with footage of sickly child survivors. There is German voice-over.

01:04:13 RG-60.0029, Majdanek, Poland 1944 German voice-over listing names and countries of origins from former inmates' passports, as camera pans across passports. There are some close-ups of passports.

01:04:56 RG-60.0029, Majdanek, Poland 1944 Toys and dolls, which once belonged to young inmates, are piled high. There is German voice-over.

01:05:04 RG-60.0032, Excerpts from the Nazi Plan, showing the boycott of Jewish shops. Also included are German street scenes with natural sound. Nazi soldiers chant and wave flag with swastika as driving down the street. There are "Achtung Juden" signs and Star of David symbols painted on the shop windows, and crowds milling about in front of shops.

01:06:32 RG-60.0033, Allied soldiers caring for sick and wounded camp inmates during liberation. Red Cross trucks are used to bring the sick to medical attention. There are close-ups of newly liberated prisoners, and of women leaving their barracks.

01:07:07 RG-60.0375, Berlin, Germany 1937 Crowd and artwork from the "Entartete Kunst" (Degenerate Art) exhibit is filmed. Artwork is stuffed onto walls, with hardly a free space anywhere.

01:07:30 RG-60.0383, Berlin, Germany 1937 People walking through a city park, with benches lining the side. There is a close-up of a sign, which reads "Die gelben Banke Sind fur Juden" (The yellow benches are for Jews).

01:07:52 RG-60.0396, Berlin, Germany 1937 Shots of an outdoor café / restaurant called the Kranzler. There are people sitting, reading the newspaper, with a swastika flag hanging in the background. There is a waitress serving drinks, and well-dressed passerby. The segment ends with an aerial shot of the café.

01:08:44 RG-60.0396, Berlin, Germany 1937 Streets scenes of downtown Berlin. Buses and cars travel down a busy, tree-lined avenue.

01:08:54 RG-60.0397, Berlin, Germany 1937 More street scenes of Berlin. The camera catches a train, moving from left to right on the screen, in a medium close-up; a tram and a train go in opposite directions along a city street; and a policeman in uniform and white gloves directs traffic.

01:09:18 RG-60.0379, Berlin, Germany 1937 An establishing shot of the Brandenburg Gate, with pedestrians, bicyclists, cars and buses passing in front of it.

01:09:30 RG-60.0593, Washington, DC, November 15, 1938, Universal Newsreel: F.D.R. Leads Nation in Protest Against Nazi Persecutions. F.D.R. is on the screen but does not speak. There are images of stores with broken windows from Kristallnacht. Herbert Hoover speaks, with sound, from Palo Alto, California: "Americans are and should be indignant at the terrible outbreak of Jewish persecution in Germany..."

01:10:16 RG-60.0591, Czechoslovakia, Sudetenland October 15, 1938 Chairs and other furniture lie stacked on a large lorry, as two Czech women linger by the truck. The shot ends with a medium close-up of an older Czech woman with a scarf on her head looking out the window of a truck.

01:10:22 RG-60.0592, Brno, Czechoslovakia October 23, 1938 Universal Newsreel: Czech Jews in Exile. Men and women exit a tent and stand solemnly for the camera, and wait on benches. The faces are sad and tattered.

01:10:48 RG-60.0592, Naples, Italy October 23, 1938 Universal Newsreel: Refugees boarding the "Lloyd Trieste" ship. Those on board wave as ship pulls away.

01:11:03 RG-60.0601, Czechoslovakia 1938 Headlines of 1938, Europe: Smashed windows line the streets in Czechoslovakia after Kristallnacht.

01:11:13 RG-60.0692, Harwich, England December 1938 Footage of the Kindertransport: the first boatload of 200 German Jewish children arrives from Holland. Name tags are checked, photographers jostle for pictures of the children, and the ship "Prague" sits in the dock.

01:12:40 RG-60.0694, Paris, France December 1938 Jews seek help in Paris: Jewish refugees speaking with committee members for legal advice and others waiting in chairs. Camera holds on a young mother with two small children and a baby.

01:13:29 RG-60.0694, Paris, France December 1938 Jews Seek Help in Paris: Well-dressed refugees wait in line to see committee members. People walk past committee offices with signs for Israel.

01:15:09 RG-60.0695, Amsterdam, Holland December 1938 Jewish Refugees in Amsterdam: Jewish men, carrying suitcases, walk along a street, carrying suitcases, and enter a small hotel.

01:15:35 RG-60.0695, Amsterdam, Holland December 1938 Amsterdam street scenes, including pedestrians and trams, are shown, as well as images of the Amsterdam Diamond Bourse, of people selling and trading, in an open-air market.

01:18:03 RG-60.0786, London, England December 1938 Exterior shots show Woburn House, a Jewish Refugee Relief Center, and people entering for assistance.

01:18:34 RG-60.0786, London, England December 1938 A refugee couple at Woburn House, being interviewed in German, show their passport documents and describe fleeing from Vienna to Switzerland.

01:19:23 Film ID 317, Views of an airfield, small airport building and planes taking off. There are men loading baggage, an Ala Littoria plane, and a various planes with swastikas painted on them.

01:20:45 RG-60.0788, Lisbon, Portugal 1942 - 1943 Street scenes in Lisbon include the exterior of the American Export Lines building. A sign inside advertises direct passage from Lisbon to New York, and refugees fill out papers at the counter.

01:22:52 RG-60.0790, Lisbon, Portugal 1942 - 1943 The "Serpa Pinto" waits to embark 1500 children from France, but at the last minute the Germans do not let the children leave France. Shots of people waving to those on deck, of children having their papers checked and walking up the gangway. Ship departs as hands wave goodbye.

01:24:52 RG-60.0796, Bensheim, Germany August 1946 Jewish officials visit Bensheim Displaced Person's Camp, as displaced adults and children look on. Children march through the main square.

01:26:13 RG-60.0679, Marseille, France April 1947 Jewish immigrants, from the British sector of Berlin, on their way to Palestine, arrive by train in Marseille. People mill around a station soup kitchen, and then move onto the boat with their belongings. There are shots on the boat, then of people waving.

Compilation reel
Buchenwald, Germany
Auschwitz, Poland
Majdanek, Poland
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Paris, France
London, England
Marseilles, France
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