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USHMM Public Domain Tape #13

Film | Film ID: HMM102

RG-60.0363, Nov 20, 1945, Indictment
Reading of indictment at Nuremberg Trial. Defendants are present: Hess, Streicher, Kaltenbrunner, von Ribbentrop, & others. MS, MLS, defendants' bench, judges, courtroom audience listening. (poor image quality-scratches on film, underexposed footage.) Courtroom at rest (pre-trial). All stand, 60 seated. MS, defendants' bench. Hess stares stonily (at camera). Hess looks around room, smirks and smiles as MP picks up Hess' earphones for him to hear. Judges' bench, presiding judge reads indictment. (poor image quality-underexposed), accusation of guilty is read. Presiding judge reads off a list of names of the accused, as follows: Funk, Streicher, Kaltenbrunner, Jodl, Bormann, von Ribbentrop, etc. including Krupp von Bohlen. Goering looking bored, distracted. Hess fidgets. MLS, seated group, lawyers and defendants. Cut to Hess and Goering, slow pan across defendants' bench, (uneven lighting in courtroom). MS, Judge's bench. LS from back of courtroom, Jackson reading.

04:08:30 RG-60.0364, Nov 20, 1945 "Not Guilty" pleas
MSs, Tribunal enters courtroom. MLS, German attorney makes statement to court and Lord Justice Geoffrey Lawrence is heard advising the defendants that they may consult with their lawyers. Justice Lawrence stresses that provisions according to Art. 24 will be followed by the court. Apparently, this refers to the fact that defendants, in their final statement, could only plead "guilty" or "not guilty," but otherwise would not be allowed to make any statements. The defense complained the defendants had only been informed about the stipulations of this final plea two days ago, and did not have time to prepare. A fifteen minute recess is granted by Justice Lawrence. MSs, Rudolf Hess standing in dock during adjournment. MSs, Wilhelm Keitel, with back to camera, speaks to Fritz Sauckel. Alongside him is Alfred Rosenberg. MS, group of lawyers conferring during adjournment. MLS, Hermann Goering stands up and starts to read statement to the court. The voice of Justice Lawrence interrupts, saying that the defendants are not permitted to read statements but are to plead guilty or not guilty. MLS, Goering, Hess, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Keitel, Rosenberg, Julius Streicher, Walter Funk, Hjalmar Schacht, Franz Von Papen, Konstantin Neurath and Hans Fritzsche, one by one, plead not guilty. MLS, Goering again rises to make statement, but is warned by the court. Rear view, chief Prosecutor Robert H. Jackson starts opening address... "The privilege of opening the first trial in history for the crimes against the people of the world is a grave responsibility. The wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant and so devastating that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored because it cannot survive their being repeated..." (Excerpt of opening address)

04:19:39 RG-60.2421, Dec 13, 1945, Mauthausen
LSs, RVs, prosecutor Thomas J. Dodd presents evidence on Mauthausen, Buchenwald, and Auschwitz. The shrunken head of a victim is presented as evidence (no CUs). MSs, Hermann Goering, Rudolf Hess, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Wilhelm Keitel, and Ernst Kaltenbrunner listening to Dodd.

04:21:41 RG-60.2428, Dec 13, 1945, Attacks on Jews, Kovno
RVs, Major Walsh, US prosecutor, reading original Nazi letters which describe pogroms and other actions taken against the Jews in Latvia and Lithuania. He further reads documentation on the removal of gold teeth and fillings from the mouths of Jews before their annihilation. "Actions," burning of synagogues, etc., in Riga and other areas. LS, courtroom, waiting. Reading of memo by SS Brigadefuehrer Stahlecher to Himmler (10/15/41) reporting a pogrom, "Aktion Gruppe" : "To our surprise, not easy at first, to set in motion an extensive pogrom against Jews. Lithuanians (in several days) killed several thousand... Jews made harmless in a similar way, set fire to synagogues..." In the Riga pogrom 400 Jews were killed. All synagogues destroyed. MS, Hess and other Nazi war criminals seated in stand. Cut to prosecuting attorney. Reads from documentation: "overhauling of vans...[because the gassing] doesn't work well in rainy weather." LS, courtroom. Jews had gold fillings, etc., removed or pulled out. This took place 1-2 hours before the "action." Account of how much gold had been taken. MCU, prosecuting attorney's back. LS, same as above.

04:29:57 RG-60.2422, March 18, 1946, Jackson questions Goering on concentration camps, SS, SA
LS Hermann Goering under questioning by Chief Prosecutor Robert H. Jackson says in part that he was the originator of the concentration camps. He describes the ways and means of arresting people and states: "The government that Germany had was the only feasible type of government at that time and it succeeded in pulling Germany out of the depths." Answering the question of the judge, "who dealt with people on a physical level?" Hermann Goering testifies that the SS and SA never received any orders to kill. At least "not in his time," he had no influence on the SS. LS, courtroom rises for recess. LS, some of the defendants chatting during recess.

04:41:09 RG-60.2423, Feb 28, 1946, Jackson speech on "criminality of organizations" and the "pyramid of power"
HS, Front view, a defense attorney, Dr. Martin Horne, speaking to Tribunal. Horne repeats the request of the defense to admit Winston Churchill as a witness. The court had already decided against that before the defense could bring it up. LHSs, MSs, US Chief Prosecutor Robert H. Jackson delivers a speech concerning the prosecution's case against certain organizations in the Nazi Government. Jackson says, "The work of these organizations was to incite a mob spirit in the German people." Jackson states that the SS, unmercifully and with malice, killed five million Jews. "These crimes with which we deal, are unprecedented; not only because of the large number of organizations which carried them out so methodically, but because of the large number of people who united their efforts to perpetrate them."

04:50:37 RG-60.2420, March 20-22 1946, Jackson questions Goering on measures against the Jews
March 20-22, 1946. LS, prisoners in dock during questioning. Voice of Robert H. Jackson is heard interrogating Hermann Goering about his being "radical against the Jews." VS, Jackson questioning Goering about the mass dissolution of Jewish civilians. Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe questions Goering about the orders he received about turning over escaped Russian POWs to the Secret Police. Statement of Lt. Gen. Grosch is handed to Goering.

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Nuremberg, Germany
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