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USHMM Public Domain Tape #14

Film | Film ID: HMM103

05:00:21 RG-60.0006, May 1946, Closeups of chief Nazi war criminals (near the end of the trial)
CUs, Hermann Goering. Goering looks directly at camera, then away; blinking; speaks to man to his left (off camera) calmly; inattentively grins; smiles as if there was a joke. CUs, Hess. Stares at the camera, then downward; grim expression. CU, Goering nervously tugging at scarf tied beneath collar of uniform. CU, Goering resting his chin on his hand. CU, Hess stroking his face with his hand. He is looking downward, pulls at his lip, rubs face, squashes cheek, picks at his cheek. CU, Wilhelm Keitel, stoic. CU, Hess listening on one earphone. CU, Keitel rubbing his eyes and nose; putting on earphones. CU, Rosenberg biting his nails. CU, Wilhelm Frick. CU, Admiral Erich Raeder. CU, Franz Von Papen dozing. CU, Joachim von Ribbentrop nervously playing with his tie; pulls his sunglasses over his eyes. CU, Fritz Sauckel.CU, Alfred Rosenberg stroking his hair, fidgeting, wiping eyes, rubbing face, head in hand. CU, Alfred Jodl, yawns and strokes his mouth. CU, Albert Speer.CU, Walther Funk. CU, Joachim Von Ribbentrop. CU, Keitel.

05:09:32 RG-60.2424, July 27, 1946, Chief British prosecutor Shawcross final plea for conviction
MS, Chief British prosecutor Sir Hartley Shawcross making final plea for conviction (speech only partly recorded). HMS, showing left side of prisoners' dock. Goering, Jodl, and others speaking with their attorneys during recess. HMS, von Papen and Seyss-Inquart. HS, MLS, MS Shawcross making his final plea for conviction of the defendants. HMLS, Goering, von Ribbentrop, Keitel, Kaltenbrunner, Rosenberg, Doenitz, Sauckel in prisoner's dock as Shawcross is heard speaking. HMLS, Prosecutor Jackson, Dodd, and others seated at table; Shawcross in left FG is speaking. HMS, pan of defendants in dock during Shawcross's speech.

05:17:25 RG-60.2425, July 27, 1946, Shawcross closing arguments
HS Defendants in dock. HMS, Goering, von Ribbentrop, Doenitz in dock. Pan, von Ribbentrop, Keitel, Kaltenbrunner, Rosenberg; pan back to Goering. Pan, from prisoners' dock to Shawcross speaking. Note: Voice of Sir Hartley Shawcross is heard throughout reel summing up. HMS, Shawcross, Rudenko, and unidentified woman conversing at the end of the trial. MSs, Chief US Prosecutor Jackson making his summation (re-enacted). Jackson insists that although some of the defendants are more guilty than others, the magnitude of the crime committed is such that any differentiation between them is not justified. "The individual must transcend the state."

05:23:57 July 26, 1946 Jackson begins summation

05:27:47 RG-60.2426, Aug 29, 1946 Summary by Thomas Dodd
HSs, MSs Thomas J. Dodd of the American prosecution, tells of the great mass of evidence presented during the trial and the criminal tendencies of the Gestapo, SA, SS. HS Col. Andrus, Provost Marshal, speaking to prisoners in dock at end of session. HS prisoners conversing after the court adjourns; Col. Andrus is standing at the left.

05:38:40 RG-60.2431, Aug 26, 1947, Telford Taylor indictment in IG Farben case, re. Auschwitz.
Case 6 (I.G. Farben Case), Nuremberg, Germany. Judge Curtis Grover Shake, presiding, calls upon Carl Lautenschlaeger (defendant) to plead. Judge Shake states in part that a petition put forth by the defendants for more time to prepare their answer to the indictment is denied. Brig. Gen. Telford Taylor at lectern, reading the indictment says that the prisoners are accused of leading the world into the most catastrophic war known to mankind, etc. What these men did, Gen. Taylor says, was not something that was done in a rage, but with definite deliberation to create a great engine of war. Pan from Gen. Taylor speaking to defendants. Pan of the courtroom showing spectators and personnel.

05:49:47 RG-60.2432, Aug 26, 1947, Continuation of Taylor indictment in IG Farben case, re. Auschwitz.
Case 6 (I.G. Farben Case), Nuremberg, Germany. Defendants in prisoners dock as voice of Brig. Gen. Telford Taylor is heard in the opening speech for the prosecution. MS, Gen. Taylor making his opening speech to the prosecution. Spectators at trial. MS, an unidentified civilian attorney for the prosecution speaking in English, reading part of the indictment which deals with the reason why these men are now being tried. Spectators in court; personnel rising for morning recess. HS, defendants chatting with their attorneys.

Compilation reel
Nuremberg, Germany
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