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USHMM Public Domain Tape #21

Film | Film ID: HMM107

01:00:13 RG-60.0003, April 13, 1945, Buchenwald
Slate: "Capt. Carter, Prod #186, Buchenwald, Rock-C39, Date 4-16-45" HAS of crowd of German civilians in main courtyard of Buchenwald, moving about, mix of soldiers and civilians. Male survivor stands in front of a building. Barred window partially visible in BG. Man is wearing what appears to be a uniform coat and looks directly at the camera. CU of his face as he demonstrates facial wounds; he has scars on his face and one eye is swollen shut. A younger male prisoner looks right and left and then directly at the camera. Camera pans from toe to head of a woman, against the same wall; she is well dressed in heels and overcoat, her hair is also styled. CU of her face as she looks directly at the camera. A male survivor in a vest, collared shirt, and tie stares at camera; CU of his left cheek with a large scar which runs from under his eye to his chin.

CU survivor in profile, he is wearing cap and speaking to someone off camera. CU of the same man, switches to straight angle, as he continues to speak. CU of another survivor in profile with a goatee and glasses, wearing a cap as he speaks to someone off camera. At one point he turns and speaks directly to the camera. CU of a young man wearing beret and staring. CU of two men wearing berets with a patch/insignia. Two middle aged men sit side by side, separated by a white pole, both are dressed in work clothes, man on right is smiling faintly. Two other survivors in BG. A young man with closely cropped hair stands in front of a row of barracks, he speaks to someone off camera. A man with glasses, wearing a beret, stands in front of barbed wire. CU of his prisoner's patch (a red triangle and number "43175"). [These prisoners are political prisoners: Hungarian, Bavarian and French.] Someone raises an American flag on a flag pole, barren trees in BG. German civilians enter the camp by bus. View of entrance. HAS from watchtower. German civilians walk in a long line through the main courtyard of the camp, guided by Allied soldiers. CU of a lamp shade. A variety of objects sit on a table outside, there are military vehicles and German civilians in the BG.

German civilians stand around table to view objects that include lampshades and specimen jars. In BG survivors sit atop barracks and watch. Military personnel examine the objects on table and demonstrate to civilians. Camera pans from right to left over crowd of Germans, one man turns away. Civilians are led into the camp courtyard. German civilians and Allied MPs in FG, survivors sit atop barracks in BG, the two groups look at each other. Germans walk away with distraught facial expressions. Two women walk arm in arm. More women and men exit the crematorium, grasping their chests and crying. Women in the crowd crying. CU of heads and feet of corpses. CU, pan, pile of corpses lying on top on one another. More civilians leave the camp, covering their mouths and noses. Several women are crying; one woman runs away in terror.

Slate washed out by sunlight. Photo of a young woman (former inmate? Ilse Koch?) propped up for the camera.

Overhead shots of a bombed out city, many large buildings in ruins; various views of the destroyed city.

01:19:29 RG-60.0005, April 11 and 14, 1945, Arnstadt and Nordhausen
Slate: "166th Sig. Photo Co., Horror Victims Arnstadt, 14-4-45" Arnstadt after Allied soldiers arrive. People in trenches pull out corpses and lie them on the ground. CUs of corpse with damaged skull. Shot of a dog kennel for a watchdog. Pan from camp gate to tents used to house 1700 prisoners. Corpses lie outside of the graves from which they have just been exhumed. Men carry the bodies. Men assist each other in carrying corpses. Many bodies lay on the ground as American soldiers look over them. Men dig out the mass grave with shovels. A body half submerged in its grave.

Camera pans over the destroyed buildings of the prison camp area at Nordhausen. Several dead bodies lay randomly around the prison area. Survivors stand together facing the camera. US medics and MPs of the 3rd Armored Division, FUSA, carry the sick and dying survivors out of the camp. An emaciated man, seated on ground is helped onto stretcher by US medics. The man is crying and clasping his hands together in thankful prayer. A US Brigadier General speaks to internees. Emaciated prisoners sit amidst the rubble. Liberated prisoners sit in a group eating and talking. Emaciated men lay in the barracks amidst corpses. A survivor smokes a cigarette, sitting on ground near an open pit surrounded by corpses, and explains to soldiers off camera some of what occurred in the camp. US medics lead or carry extremely emaciated prisoners from building. Medics load ambulances and then pull out of area.

01:27:40 RG-60.0030, April 1945 Ohrdruf and Duderstadt
General Dwight D. Eisenhower Visits Atrocities Concentration Camp at Ohrdruf, Germany, April 12, 1945. Eisenhower looks over the dead laying on the ground, GIs stand in the BG. Survivor with scarf talks to the officers. CUs of dead bodies. Gens Eisenhower, Omar N. Bradley and Lt. Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. leave the camp. US soldiers stand together and look at dead bodies of camp victims.

Liberated Yanks, Russians, and British, Duderstadt, Germany, April 10, 1945. CUs of a small radio built by one of the survivors. One of the liberated men cooks chickens and rabbits in a pot. Liberated US, Russian and British prisoners at camp. (Most of the prisoners are British.) Liberated men cook over small open stoves. Men use the handmade radio.

Compilation reel
Event Date
1945 April 13
Buchenwald, Germany
Ohrdruf, Germany
Nordhausen, Germany
Arnstadt, Germany
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