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USHMM Public Domain Tape #22

Film | Film ID: HMM108

01:00:13 RG-60.0135, Buchenwald
At Buchenwald, survivors sit crouched around a fire, looking at the camera. German civilians file past after being taken through barracks. A flatbed of naked corpses situated in front of a building. MS, pile of bodies alongside building as civilians walk past. Women walk by with their heads buried and their hands covering their mouths. Crowds of people with white flags line the road; Germans sit against a fence. Overturned carts on the road with items scattered everywhere; horses eat from the abandoned carts. US infantry run from a tank that is firing into the forest. LS of a building behind trees. SLATE: "Killorin 04/10/45" Men stand on top of two tanks. U.S. military personnel order German prisoners to rise. Shooting tank in a field.

01:05:06 RG-60.0124, Nordhausen
Clip taken from the film "Nazi Concentration Camps." English narration. Intertitle reads, "Nordhausen Concentration Camp." Several views of corpses littering the camp. American soldiers remove survivors. The camp was liberated by the 3rd Armored Division, First US Army. INT shots of a barrack, where a few survivors remain among the pile of corpses. American soldiers carry survivors out on stretchers. Medium close ups of surviving inmates. CU of a man crying. An emaciated man clasps his hands in gratitude as he is lifted onto a stretcher. A man wearing glasses stares up from a stretcher. Inmates eating soup and being helped into ambulances. Back view of two ambulances as they pull away. The narrator states, "The Bürgermeister of Nordhausen is ordered to provide 600 German male civilians who will inter the 2500 unburied bodies at the camp." Civilians remove corpses. Army priest administers last rites. Germans on the road with shovels. American soldiers look into a mass grave filled with corpses.

01:08:26 RG-60.0119, Dachau
April 30, 1945 Dachau: three prisoners, visible through a fence, cooking with a corpse in the background. Jewish women prisoners, including a CU of a fifteen year old girl. A female prisoner laughs and talks with a male prisoner through a hole in a fence. LS of women peering through holes in a fence. Nice quality CUs of faces of male prisoners. At the direction of another prisoner, a group of male prisoners raise their fingers in a "v" salute. HAS of liberated prisoners among the rows of camp buildings. LS from a guard tower with a gun in the foreground. A group of prisoners waves through a barbed wire fence. CUs of extremely emaciated male prisoners; prisoner bares his chest for photographer; Seq: Maj Edward A. Jesser, Jr. and the Prince of Luxembourg [Prince Felix] walk to center of camp and speak to prisoners. Jesser is with the Luxembourg Military Mission, 12th Army Group [info probably from shot sheets that accompanied film at NARA]. Nice shots of the prince. Views of American soldiers looking at corpses in the Dachau death train cars. CUs on faces and emaciated bodies of dead Jewish prisoners. Stack of naked bodies in the crematorium. Piles of prison uniforms and other types of clothing removed from the dead. More shots of corpses in the death train. Flags of many nations fly over the liberated camp: France, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Netherlands, USSR, Poland, Russia, England and United States. Slate identifies date as April 27, 1945: infantrymen of 45th Division, 157th Regiment enters outskirts of Dachau. American soldiers march German prisoners down a ste of railroad tracks. American soldiers enter the camp. Some fire their weapons. A liberated Dachau prisoner violently attacks a German soldier.

01:16:52 RG-60.0120, April 10, 1945, Ohrdruf
Slate gives name of cameraman as A. Statt of the 166th Signal Photo Company, date as April 10, 1945, and subject as "Horror Victims." EXTs of barracks where prisoners were housed, with corpses on the ground. MSs and CUs of bodies (inmates at the camp were Russian, Polish, Belgian, and French). Burned corpses on railroad tracks, human skulls, burned heaps of bodies. LS of pits where bodies were buried, leg of cadaver sticking out of mud in pit, bodies covered with lime stacked in shed. CUs of stacked corpses. INTs of barracks where prisoners were housed.

01:21:31 RG-60.0127, April 6 and 7, 1945, Ohrdruf
Patrols of the 83rd Division, 9th Army, Hastenbeck to Bad Lippspringe. American tanks loaded with soldiers moving through town, soldiers waving; tanks pass in front of camera, burning piles in background. Soldiers examine burning enemy plane in a field (plane shot down). MSs and CUs of soldiers of the 331st Regiment, 83rd Division atop M-24s and M-18s. They pose and smile at the camera. Tanks move out. MSs of soldiers on foot in town. Soldiers walking towards and then mounting tanks.

01:26:09 RG-60.0128, April 7, 1945, Ohrdruf
American soldiers stand with German civilians in front of a pile of corpses. American MPs force Germans to enter a shed and view corpses. Shot of a German officer wearing a medical armband surrounded by American soldiers. This same man tries to refuse to enter the shed but he is forced to go in. One of the American soldiers holds a camera, waiting to take photos as people exit. German civilians at the train tracks where bodies were burned. CUs of charred bodies lying in mud alternate with shots of German civilians. Germans climb aboard a military vehicle. Medium CUs of bodies stacked in shed. Civilians climb out of the truck. CU of a German officer wearing medical armband. The American soldiers talk to the civilians. A GI looks at corpses scattered around the camp grounds. American officer with a group of survivors, who hid in the woods until the Germans left. MS of an emaciated survivor.

Compilation reel
Event Date
1945 April
Buchenwald, Germany
Ohrdruf, Germany
Dachau, Germany
Nordhausen, Germany
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