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USHMM Public Domain Tape #23

Film | Film ID: HMM109

01:00:13 RG-60.0008, May 3, 1945, Dachau
Slate: "Spec. Cov. Unit SPX-G, P. Drell, 5.3.1945" (LIB 6572) Soldier opens the door to the gas execution chamber with sign over door: "Brausebad" [Shower Bath]. Camera pans to ceiling, gas vents, mechanisms in the chamber. Two soldiers walk away. Behind them there is a pile of bodies in room adjoining gas chamber. Slate: Marthey. MS, Dachau train station. CU, sign on building wall: "Dachau." CU, street sign with cut-out, low relief sculptures. US armed entrance (gate) to camp with barracks in BG. CU, sign: "Quarantine, Typhus. This concentration camp is off limits to all civil and military personnel by order of Gen Patch, CG, Seventh Army." CU, Christian altar in camp. A statue of Mary and Jesus stand on the altar, which is surrounded by a cross, plaques and flowers. Horse-drawn wagons with bodies from the camp are led through the streets by German civilians wearing gas masks. Trains pass. Camera follows behind wagon pulling corpses. CU, board with a Star of David painted on it. Capt. David M. Eichorn, Jewish chaplain of the US XV Corps, is surrounded by smiling men. He steps from a jeep and is greeted by survivors. A survivor hands the chaplain a bouquet of flowers. CU, chaplain as he speaks to the crowd around him. Men in crowd stand and listen, some cry and wipe their faces with handkerchiefs. Various flags wave in the wind behind the crowd. A former prisoner speaks to the crowd from a podium. Well-dressed men walk along the road. There is a procession of horse-drawn wagons carrying piles of bodies.

01:08:45 RG-60.0009, May 5, 1945, Dachau
(LIB 6576) Slate: "Dachau Jewish Service, McCarthy" Survivors attend services conducted by an American Jewish chaplain. Women and men weep. People hold up flags, it is very windy. Chaplain stands at a podium. CUs of various corpses, some surrounded by food. People gathered together for an outdoor church service. Survivors stand in crowd, some hold flags. Men wrapped in blankets, sitting on a flatbed, assisted by liberators. A naked corpse lies on a stretcher. People stand outside for a church service. Flags are waving in the wind. Scenes showing corpses from the Dachau Death Train. Bodies lying on the freight cars. A long line of German prisoners march through the streets of Munich (scratched). Camera pans over Dachau camp, it is snowing. The body of a dog leans against a building in the snow. CU, INTs, oven in the crematorium with bones and ashes inside.

01:16:45 RG-60.0022, Concentration Camp, Ludgwigslust, Germany, May 5, 1945. Survivors stand in the concentration camp at Ludwigslust. Bodies of camp victims inside barracks. Bodies stacked in open doorway of building. Male survivors stand outside building. A body lays blanketed on the ground outside of a hospital building. More shots of the covered body. Men stand under a Red Cross sign that reads "Ambulanzzeit." Survivors sit along the fence cooking around an open fire. CUs, survivors cooking food outside. Two men pump water from a well. VAR LS of the barracks. Soldiers stand around a frame of a burnt building while others walk by and salute. Prisoners sit and stand around a fence.

US newspapermen are sprayed with delousing powder at Dachau on May 7, 1945.

11th Panzer Division Surrenders, Neumark, Czechoslovakia, May 4, 1945. US 90th Div Brig Gen Herbert Earnest in discussion with German Panzer Commanding Gen Wendt Weitersheim. German tanks and vehicles move along a road to assembly area. German tanks and vehicles continue to move along the road. CU, sign: "Neumark." CU, Brig Gen's star on jeep bumper.

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