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USHMM Public Domain Tape #24

Film | Film ID: HMM110

01:00:13 RG-60.0028, The Nazi Concentration Camps, Majdanek, Poland, 1944. Opening credit reads: "Das Blut der Opfer Schreit zum Himmel!" Pan of survivors standing behind barbed wire. CUs, survivors and their tattooed numbers. Various shots of the electrically charged barbed wire, of ruins, various signs, guard towers, and aerial views. Russian soldiers examine camp officials. Men dig up graves for evidence. Women stand by and weep as bodies are uncovered. CUs of decomposed bodies and pile of skulls. Officials of the camp are questioned. Gas chambers. CU of cans of chemicals used for the gas. INT, the camp and the disinfection chamber. More officials are interrogated by Russians. Survivors tell their stories with the help of female Russian interpreter..

01:06:59 RG-60.0029, The Nazi Concentration Camps, Majdanek, Poland, 1944. Camera pans over a pile of corpses outside gas chamber/crematoria. CUs, the cremation ovens. Family photographs of a victim are shown. More shots of ovens and remains. CUs of women weeping. Tall chimney and burial grounds. A vegetable garden amidst the shots of piles of bones. Men explore the inside of the barracks. Piles of shoes salvaged by the Nazis are inside. Shots of victims' belongings including: clothing, gloves, toys, eyeglasses, and scissors. The Russian commission continues questioning. CUs of passports that indicate prisoners from Poland, Holland, France, and other countries. CUs of survivors being interviewed.

01:11:48 RG-60.0027, The Nazi Concentration Camps, Auschwitz, Poland, 1945. Children standing in a group pull up their sleeves to show the numbers tattooed on their arms. Overhead shot of a procession of children evacuating the camp between the fences of barbed wire. They are being led out by nuns and nurses. Burnt debris on the ground, including the head of a man. Bodies remain in the ovens. CUs of cans of gas and other chemicals. Corpses lay on the ground, including one woman with a fetus beside her. Piles of false teeth, razors, eyeglasses, and clothing are laid out. Russian soldiers hold up some children's clothing. Piles of clothing, shoes, brushes, razor brushes, suitcases from various countries are piled together. Bodies lay in a deep trench. Women weep beside the grave. A band plays the funeral march. Choir boys follow the band. Many coffins are carried to a large grave as hundreds attend ceremony. Women weep as the mass grave is covered. Doctors examine some of the survivors: an emaciated young man, children with frostbitten feet, all evidence of brutality. Still photographs of formerly healthy children are integrated in contrast to the ill conditions developed in the camp.

01:18:36 RG-60.0026, The Nazi Concentration Camps, Auschwitz, Poland, 1945. People in the camp, walking towards the camera. It is winter and there is snow on the ground. Prisoners in coats and blankets walk past the camera. CUs of prisoners behind barb wire fence. The camp and barracks are covered with snow. CU of a woman laying on her stomach and spitting on the ground. Aerial shots of Auschwitz, destroyed and covered in snow. Map of Auschwitz shows plans for the crematorium. Camera pans over the barracks of the camp, there is no longer snow on the ground. Old women lay in rows of bunks. CU "Arbeit Macht Frei" gate. Long rows of barbed wire fencing. A sign reads "6000 volt Raum / Vorsicht / Lebensgefahr." The controls of the gas chamber. CUs of women in the bunks. CUs of albums of photographs (showing different nationalities). A groups of survivors stand behind wires. Many dead prisoners lay on the ground. A woman stands with a child amidst the bodies. The prisoners evacuate the camp. Many of them are helped and carried out. Horses and wagons carry the sick; children are led out by nuns and others.

Compilation reel
Auschwitz, Poland
Majdanek, Poland
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