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Moosburg POW camp; bridge at Remagen; destruction of Cologne

Film | Accession Number: 2004.724.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4107 | Film ID: 2736

Liberated allied prisoners of war in the former Moosburg POW camp Stalag 7a, which housed prisoners from many countries. American pilots cook and serve food outdoors. They eat and smile at the camera. Two men wearing white shirts are shot from a low angle. Pan across former POWs sunning themselves, with barracks in the background. Nice view through barbed wire of former prisoners with rows of white tents in the background. Men shaving in the outdoors using a mirror mounted on a tent pole; a man pours gasoline into a bowl and washes a pair of pants. A group of men pose around a sign that reads "I wanted wings Luft 3," and features a cartoon of a duck wearing an aviator helmet and glasses. Men stand and watch as camp buildings are set on fire and burn. The camera pans across the burning buildings. More shots of men sunning themselves in front of tents as the camp buildings burn. Men in uniform work on repairing a small plane. Identifying information written on the side of a briefcase: "P 15 - Apr. 24 Haglund [cameraman?] 186." The camera pans across a long line of repatriated soldiers leaving the camp. The uniforms of the soldiers show them to be of different nationalities. Some are also in civilian clothes. Men standing in front of the gates of the camp wave at the camera. More shots of men leaving camp; one group has a French flag. A sign reading, "Tryhard, Liberated Allies" is posted beneath a German sign. After liberation, the camp was used to intern Germans suspected of supporting the Nazis.

01:08:33 A long line of German POWs, carrying suitcases and bundles, marches through a town. Open trucks crowded with allied soldiers (perhaps French?) pass by the column. German civilians travel along a road. They walk, bicycle, or drive horse-drawn carts. German soldiers riding carts and walking through a town. Another makeshift slate (an American helmet with a jagged hole in it sitting on a piece of wood) reads: "Haglund P3 Remagen Mar 31." An American flag flies atop one of the stone structures that flanks the Ludendorff railway bridge across the Rhine at Remagen. A shot of a sign reading: "Cross the Rhine with dry feet, courtesy of 9th Arm'd Div. The Rhine was first breached by American forces via this bridge on March 7, 1945. American military vehicles drive past badly destroyed buildings. Good aerial views out of the window of a building at the destruction in the city of Cologne. Shots of the Cologne cathedral. German civilians watch American vehicles rolling through a town. Closer views of the civilians, who appear to be waiting in line for something (rations? Many of them are carrying bags). Long views of vehicles crossing the Rhine.

Event:  1945 April
Production:  1945 March-1945 April
Moosburg, Germany
Cologne, Germany
Remagen, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:03:02
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