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Ascher Family home movies: vacationing in Bad Saarow

Film | Accession Number: 2004.695.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4194 | Film ID: 2761

Home movies of the Ascher Family, featuring daily life and vacation outings of this German-Jewish family in the 1930s. The Aschers immigrated to Palestine in 1938 and later to the United States in 1959. The Ascher family outings were mainly in Saarow-Pieskow, near Berlin. They visited a pension owned by Paul and Lotte Zeidler, a Jewish family who went to Shanghai when they left Berlin. Their son, Rolf, is shown in some scenes. The pension was named PAROLO after Paul, Rolf, and Lotte [this name can be seen on a powerboat later]. The Aschers visited in both summer and winter; trips became more frequent as the situation in Berlin grew dire.

00:01:35 Winter outing in Saarow-Pieskow in 1931. Shots of Hans Ascher and Ilse (Lande) Ascher (in the fur coat) and Rolf Zeidler. Ice skating, dog, dancing, shoveling snow to ice skate.

00:02:25 In springtime in Saarow-Pieskow, family eating at restaurant, lounging, playing in the park, posing on path for the camera. Shots include Werner David, a close Ascher Family friend who as an avid amateur photographer did most of the filming.

00:03:09 INT, Ilse Ascher after the birth of her son Wolfgang (Wolfi) on November 5, 1930. CUs, baby Wolfi.

00:03:30 Wolfi with his mom Ilse in Berlin. Other family members, including Hans's mother Helene Luise (Jaroczynski) Ascher and her brother Carl, and the nurse crowd around carriage.

00:03:47 Wolfi in carriage in park in Berlin, rocking.

00:04:00 Another shot of the baby Wolfi in the carriage on street with a winter hat (colder weather). CUs family members and another child. Wolfi clapping, children. Several shots of family walking towards the camera, pushing carriage.

00:04:49 In summer, Wolfi playing in garden with his mom.

00:05:08 Bathing 2 year old Wolfi in the lake in Bad Saarow, playing with ball, CUs, Ilse.

00:05:30 In front of house at PAROLO in Saarow-Pieskow, Ilse, Wolfi, and Ilse's parents Paul Lande and Marie (Meyer-Hirschfeld) Lande eating, playing, in garden.

00:05:38 Skiing and sledding in Switzerland, circa 1935. Various shots of Wolfi, Werner David, and Ilse. with church in BG. CU, family posing on sled, large administrative building in BG.

00:07:23 Sledding amidst trees in Switzerland. Wolfi sledding with Hans. Dog named Lucky (left behind when the family left Germany).

00:07:49 Ilse bathing Gabriele (Gaby) Ascher in bath in 1936.

00:07:55 Ilse with Gaby, posing in front of house. Gaby trying to crawl in the garden, crying.

00:08:15 Rowboat in Bad Saarow. Wolfi playing with a girl near an outdoor table, filling water tank, and picking berries.

00:09:06 Blurry shots of Ilse with baby Gaby, crying while trying to crawl.

00:09:23 In Bad Saarow, Werner David swimming in lake, Hans and Werner waterskiing. Giving a child a piggyback ride that lands him in the lake.

Event Date
Berlin, Germany
Bad Saarow, Germany
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Dina L. Michels and Jewish Museum Berlin
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