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Jewish life in prewar Kovno, Riga, and Lvov

Film | Accession Number: 1995.098 | RG Number: RG-60.4218 | Film ID: 2766

Prewar footage (home movies) of the Katz family in 1929.

Kovno street scenes. VAR CUs of Katz family strolling along Laisves al., showing Dita's mother Liola, grandfather, brother, uncle, and grandmother. 01:00:34 MS EXT of the grandfather's wholesale trade store - C. KACAS - on Presidento gatve. Here, the family sold typewriters, sewing machines, and bicycles. VAR shots of store and family at door of store. Dita's cousin Raya (Honon's sister) in a baby carriage. CUs, Dita's grandmother Basia Katz; cameraman Honon Katz and his friend; Dita's aunt Rachel Katz and Dita's mother Liola Katz. Pedestrians. Pan, man working on cobblestone sidewalk, city center, horse and cart passing in FG. Children. Cobblestone streets. Dr. Kantarovich and his wife walking towards camera. CUs, Katz family members and friends posing in front of the family store. Sign: "24 Laivas 24" with large domed church in BG. 01:02:01 CUs, Dita's brother Grisha. More street scenes, officer with white gloves greets friend and salutes, pedestrians, Jew, queue of empty horse carts.

01:02:23 Policeman directing traffic, trams pass, "Otto Schwarz" sign on building. Yasha Katz (brother of Honon) traveling in his automobile in Riga, walking through park, lakeside. Street scenes in Riga. 01:03:54 Ice hockey. Children on sled, snow. Street scenes, pan up of large administrative building. 01:04:31 Yasha Katz walks towards camera, possibly in front of a synagogue. Man with bundle on his back purchases newspaper from a stand.

01:04:38 In Lvov, street scene, automobiles, shops, pedestrians [Honon Katz was in Lvov to take care of his father's bicycle business]. Yasha Katz walks towards camera. 01:05:12:10 Kiosk with poster and very large letters: "MILOSC KOZAKA." Polish soldiers, open-air market (occurring weekly), clothing. Yasha pretending to purchase chickens from an old man sitting on the sidewalk. CUs, villagers/market vendors. Posters. 01:06:46 Children playing on sidewalk near fence. Slow pan of village, sweeping the street, horse and cart, bicycles. "Fryzier" on side of building, pan up to tower. Man walking with basket. Child begging. CUs of Jews, walking through streets and park, some gather on stairwell (Agudas Yisroel?). Crowded sidewalks, women with baskets, bundles and shawls. CUs, feet walking. Horse-drawn cart, shops in BG. Shop sign, "N. Weinreb". Muddy streets. CUs, Katz family members pose in front of marketplace selling wares such as sewing machines, gramophones, and bicycles. Man with ties, market scenes with Katz family, fruit, vendors, Jews.

01:11:04 Train, villagers on horse and cart, construction. 01:11:23 Yasha posing in front of train in Kovno, near the shore of the Neiman River. Cobblestones. VAR shots of village (Lvov?), construction, trains, woman with buckets.

Film Collection Title
Katz Family Collection
Event:  1929
Kaunas, Lithuania
Riga, Latvia
Lviv (Lvov), Poland
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Dita Sperling
Record last modified: 2022-03-24 11:55:17
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