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Julius Streicher, Hermann Goering, Unity Mitford at rally in Franconia

Film | Accession Number: 2005.64.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4238 | Film ID: 2768

Large numbers of Hitler Youth and others marching, carrying flags. Hermann Goering, Julius Streicher and others arrive in cars driving through the cheering crowds. They walk among the crowds. Goering and Streicher at a speaker's podium. People in the crowd give the Hitler salute. Some of them wear native costume. Shots of officials, including two women. One may be Goering's wife. Panning shot across the crowd. 01:28:54 Title on screen: "Wir wollen nicht hass erzeugen gegen andere Voelker! Wir reichen jedem Volke die Hand!" [We do not want to create hatred toward other people! We offer our hand to all people!] Streicher speaks and gestures in front of two large microphones. Unity Mitford joins him at the podium and gives a Hitler salute to the crowd. Views of the two of them in front of the microphones. 01:29:45 Title on screen: "...aber der Jude ist es der nicht den Frieden will!" [....but it is the Jew who does not want peace!] More shots of Streicher speaking and gesturing beneath billowing flags, interspersed with shots of the crowd. Goering studies a piece of paper containing his speech. He holds a pen. Medium long shots of Goering speaking to the crowd. 01:31:30 Title on screen: "Nichts war und wird sein ohne die Bewegung!" [There was and will be nothing without the movement!] More shots of Goering from behind as he speaks. The camera pans along the crowd. Shots of the tops of many raised standards and waving flags. A closer and better view of Goering speaking. 01:32:22 Title onscreen: "Wann ist jemals in Deutschland tiefer und leidenschaftlicher geglaubt worden, wie heute geglaubt wird an das Hoechste?" Streicher applauds Goering's words. 01:33:15 Title on screen: "Wir haben zurueckgefunden zur Stimme unseres Blutes!" [We have again found our way to the voice of our blood!] 01:33:35 Title on screen: "Was ich Euch noch ganz besonders heute sagen moechte: Dass Ihr mir nicht einschlaft!" [One thing especially I would like to say to you today: I will not forget you (?)] Shots of individuals in the crowd listening to the speech. 01:34:15 Title on screen: "Adolf Hitler ist alles, ist Deutschland, ist unser Glaube, ist unsere Bewegung, ist unsere Zukunft!" [Adolf Hitler is everything, is our belief, our movement, our future!] Panning views of the crowds. Title on screen: "Mit dem Treuschwur der 200000 endet der Frankentag" [With the loyalty oath of the 200,000 people the Frankentag ends.] The crowd gives the Hitler salute. Goering and the others leave the podium and wave to the crowd as they depart. The camera focuses on a banner reading, "Auf Wiedersehen 1936!"

The Franktentag [Franconia region day] was an annual festival organized by Julius Streicher, publisher of the antisemitic magazine Der Stuermer and Gauleiter of Franconia. Streicher's aim was to turn the Hesselberg mountain region into an important Nazi site. Streicher planned to build a mausoleum for himself at the location and he printed various propaganda materials to promote the event. The last Frankentag occurred in 1939.

Event:  1935 June 23
Production:  1935
Hesselberg, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv
Record last modified: 2023-06-09 11:32:06
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