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Memorial at the site of the Jasenovac Camp

Film | Accession Number: 2002.537.2 | RG Number: RG-60.3877 | Film ID: 2714

The first commemoration in the Jasenovac Memorial area, on the site of the Ustasha concentration camp from World War II. Footage of the commemoration is intertwined with horrific documents of the death camp and testimonies of camp detainees and residents of Jasenovac. The film opens with the sound of a person screaming and the sound of a train while images of train tracks taken from the POV of the train are visible on screen. The image cuts to a low angle CU of the wheels of a train car speeding along the tracks, the train whistle blows. VS, from POV of someone riding inside a cattle car as train continues its path through the countryside. The sign for Jasenovac on the side of the train depot is visible through the slats of the cattle car, the train continues on. 01:02:19 Hundreds of people (men, women and children) walking around the grounds of a camp - by a river, throwing wreaths into water. The crowd processes along the river's edge as somber music plays in the BG. 01:03:02 Memorial sculpture at the Jasenovac Memorial Area. 01:03:32 Woman crying hysterically. Note on ground. People with flowers, camera winds it way through the crowd. 01:04:49 Gateway with sign "Radna Sluzba Staske Obrane, Abirni Logor Br III". Crowds. 01:05:37 Still photos. People sit around on floor. Uniformed man with carrier pigeon; man climbing up tower. 01:06:29 People looking at photos. Men engaged in forced labor, using wheelbarrows. Woman walking on barren land, surrounded by fences. 01:07:25 Dead trees and bodies. River littered with human remains. 01:08:32 Tree with memorial plaque on it. Horse and cart in distance. 01:09:39 Stone with engraving, people looking at it. 01:10:13 Many men (inmates - shaven heads). 01:10:38 Still photos - people being killed, bodies. 01:11:24 Sign - "Jasenovac - Jacehoba," at train station. Train leaves the station, another view of the memorial as the train moves further and further away from the site. Scenes of countryside from POV of someone inside the railcar. A white horse gallops alongside the train. End credits.

Film Title
Production:  1966
Jasenovac, Yugoslavia
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Public Institution Memorial Area of Jasenovac
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:00:54
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