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Gen. Zorn and other German military officers in Russia; musical performance

Film | Accession Number: 2005.180.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4251 | Film ID: 2782

Reel 2: 00:00:00
Klappe 1-Lo 12: July 6, 1941: German military crossing a pontoon bridge. Shot of 8 German soldiers buried next to a blockhouse; switches to a different angle and shows soldiers walking past the graves. CUs of military vehicles moving across a pontoon bridge, with groups of soldiers relaxing on the bridge. Soldiers working on building a bridge, as a group of young boys looks on.
Klappe 2-Lo 13: July 8, 1941: Captured Russian soldiers walking towards the camera. Military vehicles of the 3rd Panzer Division moving into a town, driving past the wreckage of a Russian plane. A soldier repairs a flat tire on a truck. German soldiers using equipment to search for mines, with one soldier finding one and digging it up. CUs of soldiers resting on the ground, on the side of the road, on their motorcycles.
Klappe 3-Lo 14: July 8, 1941: 00:05:30 General Zorn speaking with other officers. German soldiers moving into a village. An explosion occurs in the distance with a visible plume of smoke, followed by CUs of burning wreckage on the side of the road. Soldiers working on building a wooden road with military vehicles crossing it.
Klappe 4-Lo 15: July 9, 1941: CU of Russian signs with a picture of Stalin above one (Bundesarchiv notes indicates it is Staroe Selo, which is a shtetl). Panning shot of piles of discarded crates in a train yard. A lookout communicates orders on a phone. Several shots of different crews firing Howitzers. A crew on a rolling gun truck watch the sky with binoculars.

Reel 3: 00:10:41
Klappe 1-Lo 17: Short clip of a German half-track moving along an embankment.
Klappe 2-Lo 17: Panning shot of smoke billowing up into the sky. Skoda 38t Panzer tanks crossing over railroad tracks; vehicle markings very clear. Shot of river and bridge with smoke in the background. Several different shots of soldiers and smoke filling the sky. CU of a Panzer tank firing towards a village, including shot of it hitting a tower in the distance. Soldiers crossing a large bridge with smoke billowing in the background. Several different shots of soldiers marching into a town, including shots of soldiers with flame throwers.
Klappe 3-Lo 18: Soldiers crossing a bridge, with CU of a soldier firing a machine gun towards a hill. 00:17:15 Sign: General. Generals at table, conferring over map. One standing may be Zorn. Sign: Werkstattburo. CU of soldiers working over documents at a table. Vehicle repairs, man heating and forging a piece of iron.
Klappe 4-Lo 20: Several different shots of soldiers making various repairs to army vehicles. Shot of a German soldier's grave with a cross and Wehrmacht Iron Cross with swastika inset. Cross reads Leutnant (sic) Kurt Müller 1.A.A. 20, gef. 10.7.1941. 00:20:47 Group of Russian (civilian?) male prisoners seated on ground, a few Germans guarding or nearby. Many in white or very light shirts.
Klappe 5-Lo 21: Another view of Russian prisoners under German guard. German soldiers crossing a bridge with an abandoned Russian gun in the foreground. Different shots of a severely destroyed Russian town. Shot of Russian women sitting at a table amidst the rubble. German motorcycle column moving through the destroyed town.

Reel 4: 00:24:00
Klappe 1-Lo 22: View of a Russian town on a hill with a large church. Motorcycle soldiers roll through the town. Several different shots of German military vehicles driving down railroad tracks, repairs. German soldiers resting in a field, with a burning town in the background.
Klappe 2-Lo 23: Different shots of a blasted bridge, with the German military vehicles crossing the river nearby on a makeshift pontoon bridge made of logs. Shots of German soldiers and Russian prisoners working on the road. Shot of a small German cemetery for fallen soldiers with a large Wehrmacht Iron Cross. A field kitchen passing out food as a plane lands. Soldiers temporarily resting with a plume of smoke in the distance.
Klappe 3-Lo 24: A makeshift German camp set up in a wooded area with camouflaged vehicles and tents. A group of German officers talking with each other (including General Zorn?) and saluting. An officer talking on a field telephone.
Klappe 4-Lo 25: Soldier in a foxhole as soldiers walk by, large gun in the foreground. CU of a camouflaged tank. Panning shot of a military car driving, followed by a CU of the officer (Zorn?) sitting in the passenger seat. Several German soldiers sitting next to a camouflaged vehicle. Second shot of Zorn sitting in the car. Two German officers looking through a rabbit-eared telescope as planes fly overhead, followed by General Zorn looking through it (00:34:00). CUs of General Zorn speaking with other officers.
Klappe 5-Lo 26: Zorn discussing with fellow officers in a huddle. A vehicle driving down a road with soldiers standing nearby. A large group of soldiers sit down to rest in an open area. A group of Russian prisoners under guard in a village. A camouflaged German half-track in front of a large building (church?). CU of a sign reading "Von hier ab 300 m nur eingleisig befahrbar, Gegenverkehr beachten (In 300 m there is only one passable lane, pay attention for oncoming traffic)". CU of a soldier talking. Several soldiers help push a truck through a muddy field. General Zorn looking at a map and talking with fellow officers. Soldiers standing and waiting in a wooded area with Zorn in the background.

Reel 5: 00:37:16
Klappe 1-Lo 33: German soldiers on bicycles riding down a steep road in the countryside. CU of a soldier. Column of German soldiers on horseback riding down the same steep road. Russian soldiers carrying a wounded comrade on a stretcher. CU of two German soldiers. Soldiers clearing wrecked vehicles from a street. German soldiers advancing through open countryside. CU of a soldier on a motorcycle.
Klappe 2-Lo 34: German military vehicles rolling into a town. Truckloads of soldiers drive past several buildings engulfed in flames. Line of soldiers waiting for food at a mobile field kitchen. Soldiers and trucks moving around a farm homestead. 00:42:30 Zorn and officers consulting over a map in a field.
Klappe 3-Lo 40: German military vehicles and horse-drawn wagons moving down a dusty road, with a large church in the background. Several shots of trucks full of horses and soldiers moving down a road. 00:44:58 Shot of a series of graves of German soldiers, with crosses made out of tree branches and helmet on top. CU of two crosses, with the words, "Leutnant Gerhard Schmid + 13.8.1941 - 12/I. R. 34" and "Leutnant Werner Klotz + 13.8.1941 - 12/I. R. 34".
Klappe 4-Lo 41: German military band playing in the forest. CU of conductor, band members, cymbals, sheet music, clarinets. (Bundesarchiv notes the waltz "Im schönen Tal der Isar" is being played, title of sheet music is not legible on film). Shot of listeners clapping.
Klappe 5-Lo 42: Military band performing to a group of soldiers in a forest clearing, listeners (including Zorn) clapping. Several different CUs of listening soldiers, Zorn, conductor and band members. Choral number by soldiers with songbooks, listeners clapping.

Event:  Summer 1941
Soviet Union
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:04:11
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