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German Generals confer at Eastern Front; Hitler and Mussolini arrive by plane; other OKH commanders

Film | Accession Number: 2005.180.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4258 | Film ID: 2785

Reel 2: 00:38:30 Local civilians: women, children, men, bearded old men. CUs of local men reading a paper, children laughing and an older man gesturing (obviously wants something) to someone off screen. Friendly exchange between a German with a pail and locals. He hands out candy to a crowd of gathered local children, CUs of children smiling and eating candy.

Reel 4: 00:40:03 Group of military officers conferring, numerous military vehicles waiting and traveling along a road. Sign: "General". Soldiers play for officers and others: violin, two accordions, percussion. General Zorn and others. Generals confer. Close views. 00:43:45 General Hermann Hoth, Commander of Panzer Group 3 conferring over a map with several other generals in the woods. Several wear the Iron Cross. 00:45:28 A plane (four engine Condor) lands in an open field; Mussolini, Hitler, Foreign Minister Ribbentrop and Hitler's adjutant Schaub deplane with others. Plane 2600, part of Hitler's fleet. Crowd of soldiers moving from towards airfield, air hangars in the background. Hitler and Mussolini stand in an open-top car, bumpy shots as camera rides in the car in front of Hitler's. Brief shots of column and the landscape. Camera pans and follows a woman walking on the side of the road past the column. 00:47:34 As crowd rushes toward camera, Walter Frentz briefly seen with film camera, Hitler & Mussolini just behind. Brief shots of Hitler and Mussolini indoors, appearing to sign something on a table, getting into a car. Pan of the airfield where several large planes are parked, soldiers walking around. CUs of Hitler's plane (2600) and swastika on tail. Camera follows Hitler as he walks past a long line of soldiers leading to the plane. 00:48:36 Very good closeup of Hans Baur, Hitler's pilot, in uniform, eating at table outdoors. Very close views of Hitler, other High Command Officers, greeting each other. 00:49:14 L to R - Hitler, Jodl, Italian General. 00:49:15:19 Walter Frentz with camera on right, behind Hitler and others. Mussolini & Hitler seated at table with others. Surrounded by soldiers and nurses. 00:49:26:22 Hitler with flowers, possibly Baur filming from over Hitler's shoulder. 00:49:39 Hitler at plane window, giving salute/wave. Group of soldiers saluting as plane takes off.

Event:  Summer 1941
Soviet Union
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:04:12
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