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German advance; officers confer; German wounded; mail and packages at the front

Film | Digitized | Accession Number: 2005.180.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4266 | Film ID: 2788

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    German advance; officers confer; German wounded; mail and packages at the front


    Reel 2: 00:00:00 German military advance with horse-drawn camouflaged artillery. Men digging holes. Troops advance on horseback. German soldier operates a radio; views of/from the radio tower. The camera pans across the landscape from the radio tower, a large column of smoke is visible in the distance, figures moving across an open field. Panning shots of a small military camp at the edge of a tree line; soldiers dig a trench, operate a radio. CU of a Russian prisoner (Asian features) digging a trench. 00:02.18 Group of men taken prisoner, in civilian clothing, caps. Marched off under guard, arms raised. A soldier cranks a water pump. Soldiers on motorcycles move up a hill. Soldiers on foot across small pontoon bridge, river. German military advances. 00:04:00 Side view of Tresckow-lookalike, talking to two other soldiers, trucks and troops along road behind them. Sign post (BA notes: "Zaruze - 3 km"). Large mass of soldiers, horses, military vehicles advancing in clouds of dust. Planes in the sky, one shot down, smoke from explosion in distance. Numerous shots of combat planes (Junker 87s) flying overhead. 00:07:58 Fuel cans massed on a truck. Anti-aircraft (flak) gun pointed toward sky. Communications, soldier with earphones and equipment. 00:09:47 Unit markings on flags, vehicles on move. A few civilian women. Antenna. 00:10:35 Officers confer. May be Major General Gotthard Heinrici, holding map, facing camera (or Hans-Georg Reinhardt, Panzer Group 3, Army Group Center? or Schulze-Buettger?) Wider view of the officers (supports Heinrici identification - he was 5'7"). Troops and tanks engaged in fighting in a wooded area. 00:11:21 G marking (for Guderian?) on armored vehicle, up and past, men running alongside using it for protection. Wounded German soldiers.

    Reel 3: 00:13:08 Soldiers loading large caliber magazines. A soldier fires a flare gun. Two soldiers prepare ground markings for planes to land. Three German graves. Wildflowers and plane in field. Downed Soviet plane, several shots of the damage, Red Star marking. Soldiers work on a bridge. Different shots of plane wreckage in a field as German soldiers drive past. 00:16.35 German soldiers look for mines, showing one carefully being removed. German tanks and trucks advance slowly through a forested area. Large group of soldiers work on constructing a bridge. 00:19.31 A wounded German soldier is helped to a waiting truck. Several different shots of tanks and soldiers advancing, including some shots of tanks firing. Advance of the 255th Infantry Division through a hilly area, occasional buildings. 00:23.06 CU of a dead soldier (German?) with a bayonet sticking out of his back. Several CUs of dead German soldiers faces, partially decayed or blown off. Broken down wagons. Vehicles/wagons struggle through a field; pushed by soldiers.

    Reel 4: 00:25:39 Russian refugees with belongings in wagons. German personnel sorting mail. Closeup of mail bag: "Deutsche Reichspost". Number of bags, and sorting bins. Soldiers open mail and packages. Close views of cigarettes, candy, brand names. Building and sign: "Deutsche Feldpost". Large mail bags being unloaded from a truck. 00:28.05 German soldiers firing a machine gun across an meadow. Radio operator. German soldiers walking across a hill with a village in the background. A soldier mans a large gun aimed across a river at a village, a building is on fire. 00:29.25 Camera pans across captured Russian soldiers (some appear quite young) with their hands behind their heads, guarded by German soldiers. Soldiers set up grenade launchers. 00:30.24 Russian prisoners pull German artillery. German soldiers resting by a woodpile. Large plume of smoke in the distance. Soldiers load artillery shells onto a tank. German military fanned out across an open field, advancing. Vehicles and soldiers move through the streets of a town with burning buildings. Long column of soldiers on horseback advance. Camera pans slowly across a small town on the banks of a river, town seems to be intact. German soldiers walk along the bank of a river; cross the river. Soldiers rest and water their horses.
    Reel 5: 00:35:38 German soldiers search a Soviet prisoner. Small group of captured Soviet soldiers under German guard. Camera sweeps across the area around a small church, showing many bomb craters/damaged buildings. Numerous shots of a severely destroyed town.
    Event:  1941
    Soviet Union
    Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv
    Producer: Heeresfilmstelle

    Physical Details

    B&W / Color
    Black & White
    Image Quality
    Time Code
    00:00:00:00 to 00:38:11:00
    Film Format
    • Master
    • Master 2788 Video: Betacam SP - PAL - large
      Master 2788 Video: Betacam SP - PAL - large
      Master 2788 Video: Betacam SP - PAL - large
      Master 2788 Video: Betacam SP - PAL - large
    • Preservation
    • Preservation 2788 Video: Betacam SP - NTSC - large
      Preservation 2788 Video: Betacam SP - NTSC - large
      Preservation 2788 Video: Betacam SP - NTSC - large
      Preservation 2788 Video: Betacam SP - NTSC - large

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    You do not require further permission from the Museum to access this archival media.
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    Administrative Notes

    Film Provenance
    Forms part of the Wehrmachtsaufnahmen collection at the Bundesarchiv. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum purchased this footage in March 2005 from the Bundesarchiv in Berlin, Germany.
    See departmental files for more detailed information in German from the Bundesarchiv.

    Reels 2, 3, 4 copied in their entirety (Reel 2: 150 meters; Reel 3: 144 meters; Reel 4: 114 meters). Reel 5: USHMM copied 29 of 147 meters. There are a total of 6 reels of this film.
    Copied From
    Film Source
    Bundesarchiv (Germany). Filmarchiv
    File Number
    Legacy Database File: 4555
    Source Archive Number: 1782 R2,3,4,5
    Record last modified:
    2024-02-21 08:03:37
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