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German troops in Greece

Film | Accession Number: 2005.180.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4275 | Film ID: 2790

Reel 2: 00:35:07 German tanks move through a mountainous area. Different shots of German soldiers talking and laughing with civilians, passing around a flask. Jerry cans are loaded onto a truck. German military vehicles parked in a village.

Reel 3: 00:36:23 A German tank maneuvers along a mountainous road. A column of tanks passes through a village/vineyard.

Reel 4: 00:37:35 Artillery, horses and men are transported across a wide river on pontoon boats. CU of two German officers speaking. A large group of German officers survey a vast rural area. A sequence of an explosion in a field (unclear what is blown up-possibly an underground bunker?) with soldiers running around after the explosion, lots of smoke, followed by a subsequent explosion. Soldiers run out of the smoke. Soldiers carry the wounded out of the smoke. German soldiers in trench warfare; throwing stick grenades and shooting flame throwers. Other soldiers climb out of the trench and attack (enemy is unseen, if there is one-could be a training exercise for the benefit of the group of officers seen prior to explosion). Shot of the German officer in charge. Same group of German officers seen walking through the field. German military vehicles struggle down a muddy mountainside road. Soldiers on motorcycles and cars cross through a small river. The destroyed remains of military vehicles/equipment litter a rocky area. Greek prisoners at work on a road. A German convoy moves along railroad tracks. Different shots of camouflaged artillery firing. German soldiers carrying wounded soldiers off a pontoon boat. CU of a wounded soldier with a bandaged head, blood on his face. CU of a dead soldier along the side of a road (BA notes describe the dead as Greek and British soldiers) 00:48:04 British POWs seen walking along road, briefly. German military moving through the streets of a Greek town. Soldiers leading horses move along a hilly road. Men work to clear railroad tracks that lead through the side of a mountain. Tanks and motorcycles bottleneck on a steep mountain road. Tanks and transport vehicles move along a rock-strewn railroad track. An officer in a Luftwaffe uniform walks and talks with a Wehrmacht officer. German military moves through the streets of a large Greek city, civilians line the streets. Camera pans across a field with people moving, mountains in the background. Greek civilians fill a street and watch the camera. Dark shot of what appears to be German officers speaking with civilian leaders. Military vehicles move down a major street in a large city. Front of a government building with flags flying. Last shot: Parthenon in Athens.

Continues after 00:54:54 with repeat of earlier scenes, reversed, to 01:01:54

Event:  1941
Athens, Greece
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:04:13
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