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Twentieth Century Fox version, Reel 3: Anschluss; Munich Pact; Hitler speeches

Film | Accession Number: 2006.73.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4505 | Film ID: 2818

Reel 3 of the English language version of "The Nazi Plan" produced by Twentieth Century Fox with new graphics. Title: "1936." "Reoccupation of the Rhineland 7 March 1936." Newsreel footage and brief audio of troops marching into the Rhineland.

Title: "Minister von Neurath expresses confidence all Germans will vote approval of Hitler's policies 29 March 1936." Von Neurath speaking. Hess, Frick, Goebbels vote and speak briefly.

Title: "Address to Krupp Munitions Plant Workers 28 May 1936." Hitler speaking at podium. Shots of munitions workers.

Title: "Eighth Party Congress 8 - 14 September 1936." Army and navy march down the streets of Nuremberg. Hitler reviews SS.

Title: "1937." "Armed Forces Receive New Flags April 1937." Hitler reviews marching troops. Crowds in the streets.

Title: "German sailors killed in Spanish civil war brought home on the "Deutschland" 18 June 1937." Flower-draped coffins arriving home on a ship. The narration states that the whole country mourns the victims of the Bolshevik attacks. Doenitz (?) gives eulogy. Hitler greets widows.

Title: "Ninth Party Congress 6 - 13 September 1937." Long sequence showing huge crowds, flags, ranks of men perform exercises on command. League of German Girls members, SS, long, panning shots of huge numbers of people. Close-ups of Hitler Youth.

Title: "1938 Hitler Addresses Reichstag on Rearmament 20 February 1938." Shots of Hitler in Reichstag and of loudspeakers broadcasting his speech to crowds in the streets. Germans at work. Soldiers marching as Hitler talks about rearmament. Shots of swastikas.

Title: "Anschluss March 1938." Headlines in the Voelkischer Beobachter and Der Angriff. Shots of German troops crossing the border. Hitler arriving in Vienna. People watch him speech from trees. Most of the speech is not translated and the audio is distorted.

Title: "Hitler's 49th Birthday 20 April 1938." Hitler reviews troops.

Title: "10th Party Congress 5 - 12 September 1938." Baldur von Schirach presents Hitler Youth members, who salute avidly and sing. Hitler drives through the crowds. Hitler visits the monument to Nazi martyrs.

Title: "Hitler declares his policy with respect to Sudetenland 26 September 1938." More headlines from Nazi newspapers. Hitler delivers an ultimatum to Czech president Edvard Benes.

Title: "Munich Pact 29 September 1938." Signing of the Munich Pact, with Mussolini and Chamberlain. Goering rubs his hands together.

Title: "Occupation of Sudetenland 1 October 1938."

Title: "1939" "Hitler predicts annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe if war occurs 30 January 1939." Hitler's speech to the Reichstag.

Title: "Occupation of Remainder of Czechoslovakia 15 March 1939." Newsreel coverage of German troops entering Czechoslovakia in heavy snow. German troops on bicycles. Hitler in Prague.

Title: "Occupation of Memel 22 March 1939." Hitler traveling to "liberated" Memel aboard the battleship Deutschland. Volksdeutsch in Memel greet Hitler.

Title: "Reply to Roosevelt plea that Germany avoid aggression 28 April 1939." Hitler speaks to the Reichstag.

Film Title
The Nazi Plan
Event:  1936-1939
Production:  1945 September-1945 December
Berlin, Germany
Nuremberg, Germany
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Vienna, Austria
Munich, Germany
Memel, Lithuania
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:08
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