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Wehrmacht troops; military demonstration

Film | Accession Number: 2009.358.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4957 | Film ID: 2896

Includes handwritten slates in German. Uniformed German soldiers with helmets lined up for review. An officer inspects a rifle. Another view of the troops in the street. Small groups of Wachkommandos march ahead in a courtyard. Another group marches away, relieved from their duties of watching the barracks, with civilians in the streets behind. CU of a sign, "8. (M.G.) Komp. Inf. Regt. Goettingen" affixed to Barracks 3 with two soldiers at the entrance. Soldiers at target practice (mixed dress from WWI and new Wehrmacht outfits). The first man introduced as Sergeant Schmitz, followed by Private Bolte, and then Meissner, the chief of the 172nd Regiment veterans group from Duesseldorf, at 01:02:04. Quick CU of Sgt. Schmitz from Hilden, Germany. Queue of soldiers waiting, then at leisure, smoking, shooting pistols. One rides a bicycle. Pan of a group of men (the title card jokes that they are at odds with Meissner). New Wehrmacht recruits march away. 01:03:40 Frau Meissner walks towards the camera (going shopping according to the slate). The WWI second platoon (B-Zug) soldiers on horses parading on the street, some pulling carts.

01:04:17 Celebrating 100 years (of the 172nd Regiment?) with a military demonstration. Physically fit men running in an outdoor field lined by spectators. Men perform calisthenics, swing shotputs, throw medicine balls. 01:05:26 Quick shot of a still camera being loaded. Military vehicles roll out, followed by shooting cannons and other drills. Good MS of the band seated with instruments and musical stands, and children beside them. The celebration continues with a speaker adjacent to a podium decorated with the Iron Cross and many soldiers lined up, listening. MS, sign indicating 100 with the year MDCCCXXXV [1935], a Reichswehr flag, an Iron Cross, and a swastika flag. Officials stand in grass before garland decorations on the building façade. Another view of the podium with a helmeted official, and new Wehrmacht troops lined up. Soldiers with horses perform another drill in the field with spectators gathered.

Event:  Summer 1935
Goettingen, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Peter, Ralph, and Edith Liebner
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