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Illich family activities in 1937

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1242 | Film ID: 2911

Family activities in the year 1937. Introduced with German titles throughout, some are comical. Grandpa Fritz and the Illich boys are in costume performing a play for Three Kings Day in January 1937. Train. Ivan and Ellen (Maexie) walk along the mountain path. Good CUs of Maexie and Ivan with two photographic cameras. Ice sport (curling?). Three boys walking in the snow under "Kurhaus Semmering" sign. Fritz plays and hikes with his grandsons at the resort in the snow. Views of the mountainside from an open carriage ride, close shots of Ivan, Sascha, and Micha. Visiting the Prater amusement park in Vienna. Carousel with live horses. Boys in schoolboy caps. Filling the car with gasoline, snacking at a café, driving on a mountain road, visiting Dollfuss Church, changing a tire, and resting in a small town. Celebration of 25 years of the villa at Poetzleinsdorf. The twins pretend to be a couple, arriving in an open car with their driver Franz Leithner. The children perform, plant a new tree, and the driver and other staff gather around. Ellen (Maexie) and the children on a city street, enjoying a feast with their grandfather, exiting the home with their luggage, visiting Maria Schutz chapel near Semmerung, and driving along a road (trees budding). Corpus Christi religious procession at the Poetz villa. Crowds parade and gather at the terrace. 01:49:10 CU, boys in the car, then at the square in front of the Piarist Maria Treu church for a ceremony with Bishop Franz Kamprath. Parading, posing for a photograph, driving to an outdoor celebration where the boys eat on a terrace and play with balloons with their godfather and uncle Paul (Ellen's brother). The family continues on to visit Leopoldsberg, where there is another outdoor festival. In September, the boys and their grandfather Fritz visit Semmering, Maria Zell, the Rosegger home, a town square, factories, and the Alps. The boys enjoy a beverage at the top of a mountain. View of the boys on the ground from a chairlift. A stop at Hotel Laufenstein and the bookstore. The boys play with animals and other children on a farm.

Film Title
Reporter 1937
Event:  January-September 1937
Vienna, Austria
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Yvonne Illich
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:40:16
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