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POW camp (Stalag IXB) near Bad Orb with American and Allied prisoners

Film | Accession Number: 2010.479.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1267 | Film ID: 2903

(LIB 5064) Unloading rations from a jeep. Liberated Allied prisoners, of Bad Orb POW camp, CU one with a turban scarf. Carrying boxes of rations. CU, two liberated men. Walking with wheelbarrow, white crosses for deceased along a barracks in the BG. Entering barracks in BG while men sit on a stone wall and read US newspaper with headline "Yanks invaded Ryukyu..." HAS men and liberating officers. Barracks 35. Climbing up to watchtower, removing flag and dropping it. Opening aluminum can with a dog tag necklace. Distributing cigarettes. Men with blankets over shoulders. Various shots of liberated men eating chocolate and smoking cigarettes. Writing letters. Group of men huddled in cold. Another group filling helmets with water. Chalkboard with meals listed; "Coffee for breakfast and E-ration from US Army Now!!!". MS, men with clock-tower behind reading 12:50 pm. Distributing food rations (bread and canned goods), including African-American soldiers. Cooking rations over small fire. Another view of men in front of wire gate (entrance to camp?). Carrying boxes of rations on shoulders. EXT, Barracks #35. Eating along a stone wall. Various shots of liberated men. Another shot, drinking, with white crosses behind. Names visible (Bubb, Brecktel, Casados, Bakkum). Wider shot of same. 02:41:27 LS, men walking past vehicles, getting into trucks. Caravan of military vehicles on dirt road. A dozen men escort a cart containing a coffin, including US soldier Robert Anderson. 02:42:07 Reenactment of surrender on April 2, 1945 of the 114th Regt, 44th Div. Commandant (Oberst) Karl Sieber (center, German Officer) surrenders Stalag IXB to Lt. Col. Walter D. Fetterly. Included are Pvt. Eddie Pfannenstiel (CMOC of camp with white arm band) and Pvt. Ben F. Dodge his assistant. LS, vehicles move along tree-lined road. Men with guns move out of vehicles/tanks, salute guards at a house. MS 02:42:53 Germans and other shake hands, one with a rifle.

Event:  04/04/1945
Bad Orb, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:04:03
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