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Nowe Miasto nad Pilica ghetto

Film | Accession Number: 2010.208.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1277 | Film ID: 2899

Shots of road signs: Litzmannstadt 88 km, Rawa 29 km, Radom 58 km, Tomaszow 48 km, Warschau 81 km. German soldiers and two women walk past a row of German trucks. Scene changes to show LS of children playing in front of buildings, presumably in the ghetto of Nowe Miasto nad Pilica. An older man carries a basket into a building. Two men wearing armbands sit in a doorway. Dark shot of man smiling at the camera. Wide shot of a street - a man and a small child push a baby carriage toward the camera. Two men with bicycles can be seen behind him. Young girls stand in front of a house and smile at the camera. Wide shots of crowded streets in the ghetto. Many children. Two men, seemingly instructed by the cameraman, walk toward the camera and pose, unsmiling. The camera pans briefly down to their feet. 00:03:35 German soldiers walk among crowds in the ghetto square. More shots of Jews in front of houses and other buildings. Panning shot of large white buildings surrounding a stone memorial to fallen German soldiers. The memorial features two swastikas, two sculpted German soldiers' helmets, and a large, stone Iron Cross on the top. In front of the memorial lie four tombs, each with a cross and soldier's helmet. Two women smiling and wearing armbands walk toward the camera, carrying a container between them. A monk walks through the town square. German officers stand in front of a building that bears a sign with a swastika (German occupation headquarters?). Panning shots of houses and other buildings in a hilly landscape, presumably in or around Nowe Miasto nad Pilica.

Nowe Miasto nad Pilica, Poland
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of La Camera Stylo
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