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UJA officials in Israel

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1350 | Film ID: 2926

Private footage taken on a trip to Israel by Julian Venezky. Venezky worked with Henry Montor and others on fundraising activities for the United Jewish Appeal. Together with Samuel Rothberg, Venezky also raised substantial funds for the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

A man sits on a lawn with a young girl on his knee and she kisses him on the cheek. He gets up and waves as he walks away. Panning shots of ocean, beach and boardwalk. Underexposed shots of a woman walking out of a restaurant and a sign reading "Hotel Gat-Rimmon." Middle-aged men stand by a car and talk. Julian Venezky walks toward the camera with a cigar in his mouth. People smile at the camera. Dark shots of a man (Henry Montor?) as he sits and converses with an older woman.

Out of focus scenes shot from a moving car. Car drives past small huts, then passes people walking along the road. Panning shot of area with dilapidated looking buildings, probably a camp for new immigrants to Israel. People walk around, a man works on a tractor, and boys stand with a bike. Men work out of doors. A woman stands with her arm around a young girl in a field while a man talks to her. Several shots of men and women holding and walking with small children. Footage is intermittently dark and out of focus. Good shot of men and children as they smile at the camera. Panning shot of the camp shows rows of tents, refugees walking around, and a vegetable patch. Pan of tents and surrounding landscape, past an incongruous black car. More shots of tents, buildings, outhouses.

01:04:52 UJA official Samuel Rothberg (tall man with dark hair) speaks to camp residents. Under a tent, men have their hair cut and beards shaven (soft focus). 01:05:40 Julian Venezky looks at the camera, then walks toward it, with a car and city buildings in the background (black and white). 01:06:07 Rudolf Sonneborn walks into the frame (color).
A little girl and boy stand under laundry hanging on a line. Nice shot of a family standing in a doorway. Shot pans across hills and a valley where rows of trees grow. Workers sit on bales of hay. Sonneborn and Venezky talk to residents.

Underexposed panning shot of a ship, where people stand on deck and look towards the camera. People disembark and others smile through portholes. WS of passenger ship and others docked in the harbor. 01:08:31 Dr. Chaim Weizmann, Israel's first President, stands outside a doorway and shakes a woman's hand. People stand around taking pictures. A sign above the door reads, "Weizmann Institute of Science" in both Hebrew and English. Back to the ship we saw earlier, or another ship, which is filled with people who lean on the railings and look at the shore (soft focus). Panning shot of surrounding hillside.

People sit among their luggage and belongings on the ship. Some look up at the cameraman and smile. Dark interior shots. 01:09:58 Samuel Rothberg and Julian Venezky walk out of the Weizmann Institute of Science. Panning shots of building and hillside. Samuel Rothberg and another man stand outdoors, talking. Julian Venezky sits on a porch and points things out for the camera. Samuel Rothberg walks toward the camera and makes a teasing gesture at the cameraman. Distant shot of Venezky. 01:11:20 Julian Venezy and Samuel Rothberg stand with two men and a woman in a doorway. The same group walks along a path and then leans casually on a convertible car. Scenes shot from inside a moving car include: people on the road, an auto junkyard (?) behind a fence, soldiers in a Jeep.

Event:  October 1949
Gat Rimmon, Israel
US Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Robert Wertheimer
Record last modified: 2020-02-04 10:39:08
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