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Belsen child survivors recover at Joodse Invalide

Film | Accession Number: 2011.416.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1363 | Film ID: 2938

Jewish children recuperate at "Joodse Invalide," a hospital for Jewish disabled in Amsterdam, after liberation from Bergen-Belsen.

MCU four Jewish children jumping and climbing on a bed, smiling, the boys wear kippahs. Nurse (woman in white apron uniform) puts one of the children, who had climbed out, back onto the bed. Nurse seats the children at the end of the bed, they are all clapping and smiling. She places a tin bin on the floor and undresses one boy so that he can relieve himself. Nurse pushes two children in front of the camera. One child slides towards the door and tries to open it. Man wearing pajamas walks into the room and greets the children. Children in and around a bathtub, splashing and playing with water. Spotlight on left appears while nurse washes hair, she points to the camera and kids look into it. Another nurse and a doctor stand next to a bed with a young boy. Doctor uses stethoscope on boy. Camera pans over beds with boys, several are restless, throwing off the covers, scratching themselves, reading, etc., all posing for the camera. One boy opens his eyes, rubs them, checks his watch, and jumps out of bed. Well-dressed man, with kippah and glasses enters the room, looks at camera, shuts door. He wakes up a boy and speaks to the room. Boys eagerly wake each other up. Some use a cane to playfully pull another out of bed, he retaliates with his own cane. Pillow fight, rough-housing. In BG, a woman holds a large spotlight. Quick shots, man gets boys to put pillows back.

00:09:34 Young girl is awaken by an older girl, she stands on her bed and changes clothes. Sequence repeats with a different girl. Poor image quality, low contrast. Girl washes and dries her face at a sink. Three older girls in aprons wash and mop the floor under direction of a nurse, spotlight at left. They frequently look at camera and smile. Two girls play and dress dolls, a boy watches. 00:11:58 A woman (white uniform with sleeves) stands in a kitchen buttering a pile of stacked pieces of bread, smiling, talking, spotlight in BG. Woman teases boy with bread. She talks on the telephone, someone stands behind her. She pulls a pot out of dumbwaiter, children stand around the corner, hiding.

00:13:20 Boys with tallits and prayer books praying and moving around. Torah case on the wall covered by a cloth with an inscription. Boys unveil it. Poor quality, dark image. Same man as earlier (glasses, sweater, tie) covers his eyes with his hand; the children do the same. People sit around a table, the children have books in front of them, women lead them in song. 00:14:56 MCU, nurse feeds child, other kids eat at the table, building visible through the window. CU women at table, smiling. Chaotic scene: the women reach for something from the middle of the table, the one closest to camera fools around, makes faces. Two women roll a cart through double doors towards the camera. CU plates and silverware. Long table with children on either side, shoulder to shoulder, eating soup. Same man as in previous scenes at the head of the table, spotlights at right. Cut to the group in a circle, all clapping and smiling (dark). Man and woman skip around the inner circle, switching partners. More circle, Israeli dancing, games.

00:18:09 Purim celebration at the Children's Home of Yehoshua and Hennie Birenbaum at Joodse Invalide in Amsterdam, Holland. Bright shot of a crowned and costumed teenage girl hand in hand with a boy, approaching the camera, smiling. Another costumed couple (man seen earlier with a young girl in a headdress) walks down a makeshift aisle. Decoration with the Star of David and two striped flags on the wall in BG. Procession of young and old continues with new couples and costumes, all smile gleefully for the camera, stop at the end of the aisle, and then step off-screen. An older man holding a stringed instrument with a piece of paper tied around his neck with the Star of David sketched onto it, parades with a crowned woman. They sing and smile. Some make funny faces or pose longer than others, some proceed more than once with a different partner. One girl is wheeled down the aisle in a wheelchair. The order of the procession breaks down.

Event:  1946 March
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Joods Historisch Museum
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:41:44
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